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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Student A​​pplication Forms

Please download the School Referral Form and submit by clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom of the application form (page 2)
Please download the Application Checklist and bring all required documents to your appointment.

The Student Information Release form is the consent by the student (and parent, guardian) for the TCDSB to use each of the agreed upon information data for the promotion of TCDSB students, staff, programs, schools or the Board as a whole.


Student Information Release Form.pdfStudent Information Release Form.pdf



The Student Internet Agreement form is the student (and parent/guardian) agreement to the acceptable use of technology policies of the TCDSB.


Student Internet Agreement Form.pdfStudent Internet Agreement Form.pdf



The Confirmation of Entry Date Into Canada form needs to be completed by any student who was born outside of Canada.


Confirmation of Entry into Canada Form.pdfConfirmation of Entry into Canada Form.pdf



Students who are upgrading a previously earned credit need to complete the Repeated Course form to acknowledge that they understand that they will not earn an additional credit for that course.


Repeated Course Form.pdfRepeated Course Form.pdf