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Welcome to Ms. Giancola's Grade 3/4 Class!
Reach left, reach right, and reach, reach….5 more, 4 more, 3 more….
That’s right! You guessed it. It’s DPA time!!!
Points Of Interest:
As part of each day, the grade 3 and 4 students, along with the rest of the school, will spend 20 minutes each day getting their heart pumping to stay healthy. Daily Physical Activity will take place at various times during the day through many fun activities. So get those knees up nice and high, and march on into our class! Now that we have our blood circulating, let the learning begin!
Reading is done on a daily basis in our class. Students keep a daily log of their reading. One of our goals this year will be to read a total of 100 books. Through the Scholastic’s “Classrooms Care” project, if we achieve our goal, 100 books will be donated to children in need. We are excited and hope to be able to help other children.
Computers will be used across the curriculum. Through the course of the year, we hope to be able to make use of the school’s computer lab. This will allow students the opportunity to learn to use different programs and to search for information on the Internet.

To enhance our Science program, we will be inviting a scientist to come in and do a special presentation for our students. This will most likely take place in the spring. We also plan to visit the Science Center in order to further explore concepts studied in class.
Math Homework??? OH NO!!!!
Good news, PARENTS!!!
You can access Nelson’s Math website to help your child (and you) work through those difficult homework questions. Just go to and go to companion sites, then select the grade and go to the Parent Center. This should help to ease your Math woes.
Grade 3 and 4 curriculum for this year:
Religion: In the Spirit We Belong and Come and See
The religion program for grade three introduces our children to the biblical image of the kingdom of God. In guiding our children through key passages of the Bible and into a deeper experience of the liturgy, they will discover how the Holy Spirit influences their lives, and the life and mission of Jesus and in our Church.
The religion program for grade four invites the students to learn more about Jesus Christ as he is revealed to us in the writings of the gospels found in the New Testament. The focus is discovering more about Jesus in the stories and teachings from the Bible. Much time will be devoted to learning how to use a Bible for reading, study and prayer.
Family Life: Fully Alive
Fully Alive offers Catholic parents and teachers a special opportunity to work together as partners in Family Life education. Children need the guidance of their parents and teacher in order to grow in wisdom and understanding. Fully Alive is an integrated home and school approach to Family Life education. This year the students in grades three and four will continue working with the five themes of the Fully Alive program:
Created And Loved by God
Living in Relationships
Created Sexual: Male and Female
Growing in Commitment
Living in the World
Physical And Health Education
The Physical Education program for both grades encompasses three strands: healthy living, fundamental movement skills and active participation.
The physical program will include various activities throughout the school year:
Ball Skills – soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball
Co-operative games
Dance/Creative Movement
Track and Field
Language Arts: Grade 3-Corner Stones, Spelling 3, QAR
Grade 4-Nelson Language Arts, Spelling 4, QAR
In the Language program the expectations are organized into three strands: writing, reading, oral and visual communication.
The program will help develop both comprehension and oral reading skills through a variety of activities including Guided Reading, Independent/Self Selected Reading, and Shared Reading and word study. The focus of the Reading Workshop will be to learn and practice various reading strategies: Making Connections, Repairing Comprehension, Visualizing, Inferring, Determining Important Ideas, Synthesizing, and Asking Questions. A variety of reading materials are available both in the classroom and in the library for students to sign out. Students are expected to keep a Reading Log and record what they read daily. This should be signed each night by a parent or guardian.
In the writing portion of the Language program, students will develop skills through a variety of writing activities. They will write daily on various topics, some suggested and some original. The following traits of writing will be taught and practiced during the Writing Workshop block: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Voice, and Conventions. Spelling words will be introduced at the beginning of each week and there will be a test on the words every Friday.
Mathamatics: Nelson Math Grade 3 (textbook and workbook)
Nelson Math Grade 4 (textbook and workbook)
Strands: Number Sense and Numeration
Geometry and Spatial Sense
Patterning and Algebra
Data Management and Probability
Grade 3 Topics:
Patterns in Mathematics Area and Grids
Numeration Multiplication
Data Management Division
Addition and Subtraction 3-D Geometry and 3-D Measurement
Measuring Length, Time and Fractions
Temperature Probability
Adding and Subtracting Patterns & Motions in Geometry
With Greater Numbers
2-D Geometry
Grade 4 Topics:
Patterns in Mathematics 2-D Geometry
Numeration Area and Grids
Data Management Multiplying Greater Numbers
Addition and Subtraction Dividing Greater Numbers
Measuring Length and 3-D Geometry and Measurement
Time Fractions and Decimals
Multiplication and Division Facts Probability
Patterns and Motions in
Science Grade 3/4:
Life Systems: Plants / Habitats and Communities
Matter and Materials: Magnetism / Light and Sound
Energy and Control: Forces and Movement / Light and Sound Energy
Structures and Mechanisms: Stability / Pulleys and Gears
Earth and Space Systems: Soils / Rocks and Minerals
Social Studies:
Many Gifts
Grade 3: Pioneer Life, Ontario Grade 4: Medieval Life, Canada
The Arts:
Drama and Dance
Visual Arts
Vocal Music with Mr. Stock