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Welcome to Ms Cupello's Grade 6/7 class!

Hello to everyone, and welcome to Grade 6/7! It will be an exciting and busy school year. The junior and intermediate students are adjusting to our classroom procedures and routines. Throughout the year they will be engaging in a number of different learning opportunities that will help them to be life long learners and that will encourage them to be more independent, self directed, and confident. We strongly believe that a parent-teacher relationship is important for your child’s academic success. In order to ensure that your child’s learning is at the center of their experience it is important for us to communicate in regards to your child’s progress on a regular basis. I will keep you informed through the agenda, progress reports and the occasional phone call. This year will bring new experiences and challenges to your child’s life. It is important that all students and parents/guardians be aware of the routines, expected behaviour and work expectations that are to be followed throughout the year. Here are some important points to remember:

Entrance and Dismissal:

Students who walk to school are reminded to arrive to school no earlier than 8:30 a.m. There is no yard supervision before this time. If your child has sport practices, then they are required to assemble in the designated meeting area of the school, to ensure that they are supervised at all times.


Students who are late must ring the door intercom and report to the office before going to class. If your child is late frequently an attendance profile will be completed and filed in your child’s OSR. Frequent absents and lates are brought to the attention of the school social worker. Your child’s attendance and punctuality are essential components to the organization of the day and to the success of your child’s education.


The junior and intermediate students are responsible for completing all of their homework daily. Students who are absent are also responsible for ensuring that they complete any missed work. Each student was assigned a homework buddy to assist with the organization of missed work. If a student has a valid reason and is unable to complete an assignment, then a parent note or doctor’s note is required. Missed tests will be completed when the student returns to school.

DPA Daily Physical Activity:

The Toronto Catholic District has implemented a program called DPA (Daily Physical Activity). The aim of this program is to get students physically active throughout the day by exercising for an additional 20 minutes. In addition, our school HAT Team (Health Action Team) will be assisting with the planning and encouragement of this program. It is important that we work together to inform our students of the benefits physical activity has on their well being as well as the benefits of making healthy eating choices.


Students are expected to come to school with their full uniform on at all times. Please see guidelines and uniform regulations in students’ agenda. Students, who are not in uniform, will be asked to phone home and their parent/guardian will be asked to bring a change of clothing. During inclement weather conditions all students are required to bring a change of shoes for indoor use (students may use their gym running shoes).


Students may eat at their seats while doing their work as long as their snack choice is not messy or disruptive. All snacks eaten at this time must be a nutritional snack (example, fruits and vegetables). Students are also allowed to have a water bottle at their desk to keep hydrated and to minimize disruption. Students are responsible for ensuring that water/food does not spill onto their work.

Please do not send any nut products to school. For example: nutella, peanut butter cookies or sandwiches, chocolate products or snacks that may contain traces of peanuts in them. This is to ensure the safety of those children who have severe allergies to these nut products.

Gotcha Program:

The Gotcha program is a whole school initiative that aims at increasing student motivation and helps to promote good behaviour within the school. Students are praised for doing something well done by receiving a Gotcha. Once they receive a Gotcha they bring it to the office, place their Gotcha in a jar and then every Friday at the end of the day Mrs. Paoli announces the Gotcha winners. If a child’s name has been selected from the jar, then they are expected to go to the office and select a prize.

Star Student:

In the classroom in order to praise students for their hard work, behaviour, helpful nature and ability to demonstrate responsibility, students receive a star next to their name. At the end of every month the star student (students with the most points) wins a prize. Points are also lost for misbehavior, incomplete work, not following teacher’s instructions etc.

Reminder: Students are not to bring any electronics to school.
I look forward to working with you and your child this year! I welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact me at school @ 416-393-5399 and leave a detailed message with Ms. Zorzi, or write me a short message in your child’s agenda and I will either call you or write you a message addressing your questions and/or concerns.
Together we will be partners in your child’s education.


Ms. Cupello