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Welcome to Mrs. Cipolone's Grade 7/8 Class
Welcome to grade 7/8 and an exciting year ahead. The intermediate years are challenging and the last stage of elementary school for our students. This stage is very different from the others in terms of program, expectations and work load. Working together as a team with parents and students will ensure a learning environment which would be beneficial.
In Language students will read, write and listen to a variety of fiction and non-fiction materials. Students will be working in literature circles when reading various novels. In both Science and Math students will be involved in three part lessons. Students will be presented a new concept, a problem or inquiry will be solved using hands-on approach and the concept will be practiced. History themes stretch from New France in grade 7 to the beginning of World War II in grade 8. In Geography students will explore patterns in physical geography and natural resources. Organized games, soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball skills will be reviewed, as well as dance movement and physical fitness.
Several trips have been planned, as well as guest speakers and presentations. Thanks to CSAC students will be performing experiments with Scientists. Artists will be in to do workshops with students. The Toronto Conservation group will be at the school to do further science projects. Students will be doing career orientation through a program called Junior Achievement. Other excursions will be organized as the year progresses.
Our grade 8 students will be leaving us for their next phase in education. Their year will be one to remember. They will be forming a student council and assume many important and responsible roles within our school community. They are looking forward to choosing a high school, receiving the sacrament of confirmation and graduation. A busy year for them!!!
Parents will be kept informed of academic progress, work habits and behavior in several ways. Students will be receiving brief reports on their academic progress about every 6 weeks. Phone calls to parents will be made when necessary. All tests and marked assignments will be signed and returned to school. Notes will be communicated to parents through the use of agendas.
To ensure a successful year for our students, teachers, parents and students should work together for the same goal. I am looking forward in doing so.