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Signora Falomo's International Language Program
Monsignor John Corrigan is among the various schools throughout the Toronto Catholic District School Board which offers the International Language Program. Here, Italian is taught from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each student from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8 have their own workbook, containing a Balanced Literacy Programe, which reflects the priorities of the English langugae Balanced Literacy Program. Students learning two, three or more languages benefit from high quality instruction and score much higher, when tested, than those who have English only instruction. The workbooks also contain a variety of short stories and excercises related to various themes, such as Halloween, Christmas and many more. At Monsignor John Corrigan "Carnevale" (Carnival) is a big celebration within the Italian department. Students make their own Carnival masks and one week during the month of February is filled with different daily themes and games. Prizes are also awarded to winning individuals and teams. Special evaluation is given to children with special needs and for students new to the program. The curriculum is in fact designed so that any new students are able to pick up the language successfully at any grade level. Songs are also a large component of the curriculum, leading to various performances at different locations, such as Woodbine Centre and Columbus Centre. The duration of class is half hour daily for grades one to eight, fifteen minutes for Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Friday classes are usually dedicated to educational games, making the language more fun to learn.