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Welcome to Mrs. Caporale and Mrs. Gryguc's JK/SK Class!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Kindergarten

We are delighted to have your child/children at Monsignor John Corrigan School. We look forward to knowing you as well as your child. We have drawn together some thoughts and necessary information in booklet form. Please keep it available for future reference.
Philosophically Speaking…
…Kindergarten is not merely a preparation for what is to come. It is a vital and exciting experience, worthwhile in its own right…
It is our desire to provide a safe, happy and attractive classroom environment where your child will feel secure, accepted, understood and loved, by their Heavenly Father, their teachers and their classmates. We trust your child will grow in self-esteem and self-confidence, as he/she develops spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually, at their own unique pace.
We are very excited about this upcoming year!
Balance Literacy The focus in Language Arts is to introduce and encourage students to experience Language throughout the Curriculum. This is achieved through themes, stories, games, pomes, chants, songs, field trips, films, etc. Students will develop and strengthen their listening skills, speaking skills, reading readiness and writing skills.
You can help by reading to your child daily and by encouraging your child to go to the Library and to write letters, notes, lists and cards. Please limit television time.
Mathematics The focus on Mathematics is to provide students with concrete hands-on experiences. Example: sorting buttons, toys, blocks, shapes. Please help your child by “speaking” Mathematics throughout your daily routines. For example: How many forks do we need?, Can you see a pattern?
Religion Our Classroom Prayer

Two little eyes to look to God; Two Little ears to hear His word; Two little feet to walk in His ways; Two little lips to sing His praise; Two little hands to do His will; And one little heart to love Him still.
Music The students have music with Mr. Stock on Mondays.
Gym Our scheduled days to use the gym are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When the weather is agreeable, we will be having our gym classes out in the kindergarten yard. As part of our DPA (Daily Physical Activity) we will be spending some time outside each day. Please ensure that your child is dressed accordingly.
General Housekeeping
School Begins:
The students are required to remain outside in the Kindergarten area until the bell rings at 12:55p.m. There will be supervision in the Kindergarten area 15 minutes before the bell. Please be mindful of these times when dropping children off at school. We will dismiss children from the outside kindergarten doors. Please wait along the outside of the fence so both teacher and child can see you clearly. We always dismiss children individually to their parent or caregiver. Dismissal time is 3:40 p.m.

If you have someone other than yourself picking up your child it is important to inform the school of that caregiver’s name address and phone number.

If your child is absent for whatever reason, please advise the office at (416) 393-5399 before school. A 24 hour answering machine is available.

The children should bring a snack from home each day. We suggest fruit, sandwiches or raw vegetables and a drink. Due to the many food allergies we must not have peanuts or peanut products in the school. Please read labels carefully.

We would like to celebrate the children’s birthdays as they come up in the year. If you would like to send in fruit, pizza or other nutritious food for the children on your child’s birthday, please let us know in advance. Please keep the wonderful large cakes for home celebrations.

Each child should bring a standard sized knapsack to school. Label it with your child’s full name. Also check your child’s knapsack daily for any important notices or works of art that have been sent home.
Outdoor Dress:

We will be taking the children outside for play whenever the weather permits. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. It will help us greatly if you label all of your child’s clothing.
Indoor Shoes:

All children should leave an extra pair of running shoes in the classroom. (Velcro is helpful.) Running shoes that do not leave marks on the floor are essential for the gym. Please label your children’s shoes. You might want to send a change of clothing (including underwear) to school in case of an “unfortunate occurrence”.

Excursions are a very essential part of early education programs. Children are becoming familiar with the schoolyard and the nearby neighbourhood. Experiences further from the school, which are relevant to the curriculum themes, have also been planned. These are enjoyable events which greatly enhance the experiences which take place in the Kindergarten classroom.
Your child’s safety is carefully considered when all experiences are planned. In the interest of the children’s safety, and to enable you to share some of the experiences with the children, we invite you to assist us with the supervision of these excursions. The number of supervisors required will vary depending on the circumstances of the trip.
Adult supervisors agree to share the responsibility for the children entrusted to them. Because their attention is required by the children in their group, adult supervisors must be able to attend the excursion without bringing other children. We realize that this will be disappointing for some, however, we will give early notice so that babysitting may be arranged.