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Principal`s Message




 Dear Students, Parents/Guardians:

Welcome MPJ- Msgr. Percy Johnson students and staff to the 2021-2022 school year! Let me take this opportunity to welcome our newest grade 9’s to Msgr. Percy Johnson, as well as those students returning to us.  Needless to say, last year was what some people might call unprecedented given the events of COVID-19.  Our community was displaced for a time, but now we are back ready and willing to meet the challenges of a new school year and whatever it may have to offer us. 

As a Catholic school community, I want you to know that we uphold our Gospel Values as Christ would have wanted us too.  As you wall through the hallways of Msgr. Percy Johnson, let the spirt of God also walk with you.  Much of student life is about exploring and finding new things to immerse yourself in.  There is much to do here, and I encourage all students to get involved and participate in as many activities and sports teams as you can.  This will go along way in helping to build a better you as you aim to maintain a healthy balance between academics and school life in general.  At the moment activities are on hold, however I am pleased to announce that some activities will be re-opening in a gradual fashion with all health and safety considerations-stay tuned!

Our students are a “cut above” demonstrating over and over their commitment to learning as well as their pursuits for social justice.  Our teachers are world class, they will inspire you to use your God Given talents and over time you will grow and develop into our future leaders of tomorrow.  There will be many opportunities that we parents, students, and faculty will have to collaborate on, and initiatives that will only serve to continue to make Percy Johnson a thriving community.  It is my hope to nurture, support, and inspire students on their road to becoming compassionate, confident, and responsible Catholic graduates.  I wish you all the best during this school year!

God Bless you and your family,

Mr. Clarence  Pitterson

Principal, MPJ​



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