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School Regulations And Code Of Behaviour/Discipline


The Aims and Objectives of Monsignor Johnson have been formulated to assist students to grow in self-worth and responsibility, and to acquire self-discipline. The regulations have been developed to foster the smooth operation of the school and are built on the Christian principles of mutual respect and cooperation.
A. Expectations For Students

1. In addition to being punctual and having the proper materials when they arrive at class, students are responsible for having their homework done, assignments prepared and in their possession for each class.
2. Students are expected to be courteous and cooperative at all times, and to exhibit respect for the rights and property of others.
3. It is the responsibility of the teacher to teach and of the student to learn. Any behaviour which prevents people from carrying out these responsibilities will not be tolerated.
4. Students are asked to show the same consideration for each other in the cafeteria as they do in the classroom and throughout the school. On leaving the table, each student should clear his/her spot and replace the chair.
5. Students are required to wear the appropriate school uniform to their first period class and throughout the course of the school day.
6. The student activity card (Johnson photo identification card) is issued to every student. It is useful for school events, transportation, and other school related activities. Students are required to carry this Johnson photo identification card at all times while on school property, and to show their photo identification card when asked by an adult in the school. The Johnson photo identification card must be used to take books out of the School Library and to use school computers.
7. Students in a Catholic school are expected to take part in all religious aspects such as prayer, paraliturgies, school masses, class masses, retreats, reconciliations, and any other ceremonies, rituals or symbolic gestures that demonstrate our Catholic faith. Students will participate and sit with their classmates and their teacher in a designated area during the event.


B. Expectations For Parents
As primary educators of their children and in conjunction with the school, we encourage our parents:
1. to support students (their children) to demonstrate appropriate academic, social, and emotional behaviour through co-operative school and parent partnerships;
2. to support the school when consequences and interventions are needed;
3. to ensure that students (their children) are prepared for learning, are in attendance at school, and are in full uniform when sent to school.
4. to notify the school in writing as soon as possible when changing addresses, telephone numbers and other pertinent social information.
C. Consequences For Inappropriate Behaviour 
1. Minor infractions of the code of behaviour will initially be dealt with by the teacher in charge whether in the classroom, cafeteria, homeroom, gym or on the field.
2. If a student persists in inappropriate behaviour, the teacher, at his/her discretion may send the student to another classroom to give him/her a chance to cool down and to finish the work of the class without escalating the situation. At the end of the day, the student must report back to his/her teacher to resolve the problem. The student is expected to account for the behaviour and make a commitment to behave properly in the future. Any student persisting in unacceptable behaviour after making a commitment to improve or any student who refuses to make such a commitment will be refused admission to class and will be referred to the Vice-Principal for that grade and his/her parents will be contacted.
3. A student who defies the authority of the supervising adult (e.g. refuses to listen, refuses to obey a reasonable request, refuses to leave when asked, etc.), uses foul language, threatens, pushes past or in any other way creates a situation in which the legal authority given to the supervising adult in “loco parentis” by the Education Act is breached, the student must be sent immediately to the Vice-Principal responsible for that grade. The Vice-Principal will call the parents of the student and, depending on the circumstances, may or may not suspend the student.
4. Serious breaches of the behaviour code will always result in the student being sent to the Vice-Principal for immediate disciplinary action.
D. Moral Tone Of The School 
Catholic schools have only one basic reason for existence apart from the public school system. The reason for the motto “Schools with a Difference” rises from our belief that religious faith and moral values are essential components of a fully educated person, and that these principles underlie the educational, personal, and social lives of our staff and students. We welcome students who accept the challenge and commitment of Catholic education.
A member of the school community, no matter what gender, race, colour, or ethnic origin, will have equal rights, privileges, programs and activities. All students have the right to learn, to study and to participate without experiencing intimidation, verbal abuse, or any kind of discrimination. All violations of this policy must be reported to the Administration and may be subject to discipline.
Infractions of the following school rules will normally result in suspension for a period determined by the Administration.
1. Improper Language: swearing, cursing, using God’s name to insult, language which sexually or racially degrades another has no place in our Catholic educational community.
2. Stealing: respect for the property of others demands that we never take what does not belong to us.
3. Vandalism: as with stealing, vandalism, which is the unjust destruction of property, has no place in our school. Students will be expected to pay for any damage done to school property through willful or careless behaviour.
4. Use of Drugs or Alcohol: for all citizens, the use of non-prescription drugs is against the law. The use of alcohol during school days, on or off the campus, is prohibited. Selling of drugs will result in a request for the School Board to expel the offender.
5. Smoking: It is the policy of the School Board that school property is a smoke-free area. No smoking is permitted in the building or on the school grounds. Please see Tobacco Control Act, page 27 and 28.
6. Weapons: No weapon of any kind may be brought onto the school property. The definition of weapons includes items such as all knives, including scout knives, exacto knives etc., and guns of any type including pellet guns, replicas or toy guns, and all objects that are designed or can be fired to inflict bodily harm.
7. Use of Force: respect for the physical and mental well being of others is important at Monsignor Johnson. Use of force by students in any manner will not be permitted.
E. Attendance Procedures
Attendance is an extremely important aspect of school performance. Semestered schools with their longer periods increase the importance of daily attendance. All classes at Monsignor Johnson are compulsory. Any unauthorized absence will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline. Students who skip school (any student absent without permission or any adult student absent without a legitimate reason) will be interviewed and their parents will be informed. Students who continue to skip will be suspended, thus losing the right to attend their classes.
If your son or daughter is absent for a day or longer, please contact the school at (416) 393-5535 between 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. on each day of the absence. When your child returns to school, please give him/her a note signed by a parent listing the date(s) of the absence and the reason. It is current practice for the student to go to the Attendance Office to sign in before the start of the day.
A student at Monsignor Johnson is expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the school day. He/she must be in his/her Period 1 class in full uniform and with all books/materials for all the morning classes at least 5 minutes before the start of school. If the student is not inside his/her classroom, in full uniform with all books/materials before the Opening Exercises (O’Canada and Prayer) then he/she is late.
If your son or daughter is absent for one or more periods, he/she must sign in at the Attendance Office immediately upon arrival. If no note is presented, the attendance secretary will call home to confirm the absence before the student will be permitted to sign in to the school. Students who are not in attendance on a particular day must not come on school property unless they sign in. Students who are absent from school but present in the community will be considered as skipping school. If a student arrives after Period One attendance has been submitted (approximately 15 minutes after Period One begins) he/she must report to the Attendance Office with a note from home before proceeding to class. Students who continue to skip class will be referred to Administration.
Students arriving late to any of their classes must first report to their respective classroom teacher in order to determine if he/she is to be sent to the attendance office for a formal admit slip. Students who continue to arrive late will be referred to Administration. Teachers will note the lates and absences of students arriving late for their periods during the day. Teachers will report repeated lates and/or absences to the parents in order to develop a plan for correcting the student’s attendance pattern.
1. Please do not schedule family holidays during the school year. Absences make it extremely difficult for your son or daughter to succeed in an academic program of a semestered school.
2. Please avoid scheduling routine dentist and doctor appointments during the school day.
3. Principals, teachers and support staff of the TCDSB are not permitted to administer any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication during the school day; unless we have written signed authorization signed by you the parent and the prescribing physician. The forms to dispense any medication must be updated on a regular basis and are available from the school principal.
4. Parents are strongly encouraged to check regularly with the Attendance Office and your child’s teachers to verify your child’s attendance patterns. 416-393-5535 ext. 0
Also, please be advised that staff in TCDSB schools will not dispense non-prescription medications to students.
Should you require additional information or have any questions about this protocol please contact the school principal or the Special Services Department at 416-222-8282 ext. 2358.
Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Releases from School
1. If you have an appointment, which requires that you leave school early, bring a note from home and present it to the teacher at the beginning of the class from which you are to be dismissed. At the time of dismissal, bring the note to the Attendance Office and sign out. If you are ill, or do not have a note, report to the Attendance Office before leaving the school grounds. Your parents will be contacted.
2. Students under 18 will not be released from school without a note or in the case of illness, without the school contacting the parents.
3. Students are required to sign out during the school day if they are ill or have an appointment.
Remember: never leave the school grounds during the school day without first reporting to Attendance Office to sign out. Failure to do so even with a legitimate reason will be considered a skip.
F. Visitors To The School
All visitors are required to report to the Main Office upon arrival in the building.
Welcome guests are asked to sign in and carry their visitor’s pass for the period of their stay.
We will not be admitting younger siblings as guests on PA Days. If child care is needed, then students should plan to remain at home.
G. Uniform Policy
1. All male and female students must wear black dress pants from Halpern’s Ltd. Female students may wear the uniform kilt in place of black dress pants.
2. Each and every student must wear all black shoes with their school uniform. These are defined as being:
•all black with no other colour present above the sole (no logos, stripes or markings allowed on the shoe);
•low cut (below the ankle);
•low heeled (no more than two inches high at the heel to the base of the shoe);
•made of leather or leather and cloth);
•without openings (no open areas, no sling backs, no open toes);
•dress shoes or all black running shoes
3. Kilts must be worn at a modest length with either navy tights or navy knee high socks.
4. A few points of clarification:
•Jackets, coats, hats, hoodies must be removed at the door when arriving at school.
•Nothing (chains, bandannas, ear buds, etc.) is permitted to hang from pockets.
•All electronic devices must be turned off at the door when arriving at school.
•Only plain white short-sleeved T-shirts may be worn under white uniform golf shirt. Only navy or dark blue T-shirts may be worn under the uniform fleece top or the uniform long-sleeved golf shirt.
•Boots are not allowed to be worn to classes and must be left in the student’s locker until school dismissal.
•Students are not permitted to change into or out of their uniform during the school day except for physical education classes or special school-sponsored events (this means that even at lunch students must be in proper uniform).
•Jewellery, hairstyles, and haircolour must match the tone and image of the uniform.
•Body piercings are not permitted (nose pins, lip rings, tongue rings, etc.) – only earrings that are in keeping with the uniform may be worn.
•No hats, caps, headbands, bandanas or other head covering may be worn in the buildings. They will be confiscated. Female students may wear head bands or scarves with a maximum three-finger width. Full head covering is not permitted.
•Co-op students must attend in full and proper Johnson school uniform whenever they are on the school property. OYAP students must attend classes wearing black dress pants, all black shoes and OYAP T-shirts whenever on school property. 
•During Civvies Days, clothing that is too revealing and/or contains obscene or rude slogans will be deemed to be, and treated as, improper items for discipline purposes.
•When required for medical reasons as supported by a doctor’s note, students will be excused from wearing the relevant uniform item for as long as necessary. However, the replacement item must approximate the code description (particularly with respect to colour) as closely as possible. Students must obtain permission from the Vice Principal before 8:30 a.m. on the day such a condition exists.
•Parents are advised to purchase duplicate items of uniform pieces, such as shoes, pants, shirts, to ensure that students come to school in full uniform each and every day. The uniform, like the student’s homework, must be ready for the next day. 
Uniform Policy
•Black dress pants from Halpern’s Ltd.
•Long sleeved navy Johnson golf shirt and/or
•Short sleeved white Johnson golf shirt
•Navy Johnson zip fleece top MAY be worn
•All closed Black shoes – no logos or markings are allowed on the shoes.
•Johnson school kilt;
•Navy tights or navy knee high socks with kilts;
•Black pants from Halpern’s Ltd.;
•Long sleeved navy Johnson golf shirt and/or;
•Short sleeved white Johnson golf shirt;
•Navy Johnson zip fleece top MAY be worn;
•All closed Black shoes – no logos or markings are allowed on the shoes.
Please remember that by enrolling at Monsignor Johnson, students have agreed to accept all school policies and that each year we ask our students and their parents to re-commit to the school’s expectations by signing the student contract. This means that everyone who comes to Johnson has already made a commitment to wear the school uniform properly and with pride. We thank you in advance for your support and co-operation in this matter.
Uniform items must be purchased from:
Halpern’s Ltd. - 2785 Skymark Avenue, Unit 17,
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4Y3 905-361-1200
H. Lockers
Each student will be assigned a locker at the beginning of each school year. Every effort will be made to accommodate the location of the locker with the student’s timetable. This locker is the responsibility of each student as to maintenance and cleanliness. Students should not inform anyone of his/her combination in order to ensure safety, security and privacy. Any difficulties with lockers or defacing of a locker in any way should be reported to the office immediately. Use only the locker assigned to you by the school administration. Do not share or change your locker with another student. Lockers should not be visited between classes except for emergencies.
Pornographic or offensive materials are not permitted in the school lockers.
Each new student to the school will be issued one free Johnson lock which he/she is to keep as long as he/she is a Johnson student. Should a student lose or break his/her lock, he/she must purchase another from the school at a cost of $8.00. ONLY JOHNSON ISSUED COMBINATION LOCKS ARE PERMITTED ON SCHOOL LOCKERS. ALL OTHERS WILL BE CUT OFF WITHOUT NOTICE. THE MAIN OFFICE WILL MAINTAIN A LIST OF ALL COMBINATIONS TO THE LOCKS IN THE SCHOOL.
Students are not to bring valuable items or large amounts of money to school. If this is unavoidable, such items should be left with the Main Office. The school’s insurance policy does not cover thefts from lockers. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
Lockers remain the property of the school. The school reserves the right to enter any locker at any time. Please be aware that the Board has adopted a policy of search and seizure for alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, stolen property, and weapons.
I. Textbooks And Library Books
Textbooks will be distributed during the first week of each semester. The student will be financially responsible for loss or damage beyond what is considered normal wear and tear. Students are required to return all textbooks and all library books at the end of each semester before they will be allowed to write their final examinations in a semester.
J. Radios/ Cellphones/ Pages/ Disc Players, etc.
No radios, cell phones, pagers, disc players, MP3 players or electronic games may be used during the school day in any part of the school. Devices are to be powered off and stored out of view (unless previously approved by the teacher for program use). Students who do not abide by this policy will have these items confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day. Repeated use of these items may result in disciplinary action.
K. Retreats
Participation in a school chaplaincy sponsored retreat program is a necessary component for successful completion of the Religious Education course offered at each grade level. The retreat, usually a one day program, is held at a site off school property. For each retreat experience, there is a cost which is paid by the student. No student will be denied a retreat experience due to financial restrictions.
L. Cafeteria
The servery is closed from 8:35 – 9:00 a.m. Students may purchase or bring lunch from home. The school cafeteria is available during the lunch hours and before 8:35 a.m. Students must leave their eating area clean and deposit all garbage in the available containers.