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The Kaitlyn Cup January 27, 2017

Kaitlyn Cooke is a High School freshman who attends Percy Johnson High School in Ontario, Canada and comes from a lacrosse family, her dad Chris Cooke is a goalie in box lax and her little brother plays minor in Mimico.

Kaitlyn plays field lacrosse as a goalie.  She is looking to start up the lacrosse program at Percy Johnston and has already gotten the green light on a co-ed field lacrosse team. Right now the team is in the building phase, looking for donations of any kind, including gear to help get them started in their first season this spring.  They’ve come up with a creative fundraising idea.  The Kaitlyn Cup, which is a co-ed master’s box lacrosse tournament, that takes place at The Barn in Oshawa on Friday January 27, 2017.

Anyone interested in helping “Grow The Game” can sign up as a team or as an individual for Twenty-Five Dollars a player. What is extremely unique about this tournament is that you can bid on professional lacrosse players to play for your team.

If you’re up in Oshawa the end of January, be sure to make your way there to help Kaitlyn and her teammates in their quest to play this spring.

Chris Vale, Columnist
Lacrosse is Awesome