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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Me to We Assists 23 Division


Me to We went to help 23 division celebrate Christmas with many of the less fortunate children from the area. We served Christmas lunch and did crafts with them. We helped clean up and handed out gift bags at the end of a great day. 

23 Division.jpeg



Me to We Collects Coats for CAMH


Me to We collected and donated bags full of winter coats and heavy sweaters for CAMH's homeless teens.  Many walk around without a coat, even in frigid weather.  We hope to keep a few of them warm during during this cold time of year.  Thank you to former MPJ student Gerrmil Avillains for helping with the collection.


Coat Collection.png



Me to We Helps with MPJ's Christmas Baskets


MPJ's Me to We helped stock up on food for our Christmas Baskets going out to the needy people in our own community. We purchased 30 large boxes of cereal, 135 cans of vegetables, fruit and soup, and 15 toothbrushes. God bless them through Christmas and always.


Christmas Baskets.jpg




Me To We Helps Homeless Downtown


MPJ's Me to We purchased 400 pairs of socks, 60 pairs of underwear, 47 winter hats, 24 warm scarves, 26 ear/head bands and 50 pairs of gloves in support of The Mission to the Poor and Homeless. These people walk the streets and many of them have no socks on their feet. We hope they can stay warm this winter with our donation to them. God Bless them.


Homeless Downtown.png



Me to We Visits Humber Terrace Sr. Home


MPJ's Me to We spent an evening after school helping the Senior's at Humber Terrace put up their Christmas tree and decorations. Such a wonderful feeling to give back to these people who at times do not have anyone visit them.


Humber Terrace.jpg





Me to We Helps CAMH


MPJ's Me to We purchased 500 pairs of warm socks for CAMH's (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) homeless patients who struggle with mental health.


CAMH 500 Socks.jpg