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Welcome to Monsignor Percy Johnson
Catholic Secondary School


At Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School, our mission is to develop students to their full potential academically, spiritually and physically by providing leadership opportunities, a safe and welcoming learning environment and innovative curriculum and instruction. 


Pre-Advanced Placement Program

Monsignor Percy Johnson is a community that allows highly motivated students to be challenged in their ever-changing world.  Our pre-AP program enables like-minded students to study in an accelerated curriculum with other learners who share their interest and passion, thereby becoming more skilled and knowledgeable in their subject area.  AP classes are offered in Grade 11 and 12; this prepares students to write AP exams with the possibility to earn advanced placement and/or credit in university in Canada or Internationally, according to the mandatory requirements of the individual university. 


Overview of Gifted/Enrichment/Extra-curricular Committees.

Ø Participate in the various Best Buddies activities both nationally and   


Ø Chess club

Ø Participation in Social Justice Symposium at the University of Toronto

Ø Participation in various organized, enriched programs at the University of Toronto


Extended French

Our Extended French Program is a continuation of the elementary Extended French Program, Grades 5 – 8.  Upon graduation, students who have completed a minimum of seven Extended French courses are eligible for the Extended French Certificate of the TCDSB.  The courses taught in French will guarantee a high level of proficiency in the language.  Our students get to experience French dining here in our own Classy Toronto as well as in Belle Paris.  Bon appetite mes amis!


Specialist High Skills Major Program

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a Ministry of Education approved Program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector, while also meeting requirements for their OSSD.  SHSM enables a student to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering university, college, apprenticeship training or an entry-level position in the workplace.



The Business studies SMSM is designed with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, retail, marketing, international business, economics, management and administration or event planning.



           The Health and Wellness SHSM is designed with a focus on

health care, fitness, child care and family services.


Students in both grades 11 and 12 acquire the sector specific knowledge and skills required to earn their OSSD with a SHSM red seal after completing the Ministry required components.  All SHSM students gain sector knowledge through reach ahead and experiential learning opportunities, along with cooperative education credits.