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Special Education



The Special Education Department at Monsignor Johnson provides social, emotional, and academic support to a variety of students.

Developmentally Disability

- an inability to profit from a special education programme for students with mild intellectual disabilities because of slow intellectual development
- an inability to profit from a special education programme that is designed to accommodate slow intellectual development
- a limited potential for academic learning, independent social adjustment and economic self-support

Mild Intellectually Disability

- an ability to profit educationally within a regular class with the aid of considerable curriculum modification and supportive service
- an inability to profit educationally within a regular class because of slow intellectual development
- a potential for academic learning ,independent social adjustment and economic self support

Multiple Exceptionalities

- a combination of learning and other disorders, impairments or physical disabilities that is of such a nature as to require for educational achievement, the services of one or more teachers holding qualifications in special education and the provision of support services appropriate for such disorders, impairments or disabilities

Learning Disability

- a learning disorder evident in both academic and social situations that involves one or more of the processes necessary for the proper use of spoken language or the symbols of communication


- a learning disorder characterized by specific behaviour problems over such a period of time, and to such a marked degree, and of such a nature, as to adversely affect educational performance

Hearing Impairment

- an impairment characterized by deficit in language and speech development because of a diminished or non-existent response to sound

Language Impairment

- a learning disorder characterized by an impairment in comprehension and/or the use of verbal communication or the written or other symbol system of communication, which may be associated with neurological, psychological, physical, or sensory factors


- an advanced degree of general intellectual ability that requires differentiated learning experiences of a depth and breadth beyond those normally provided in the regular school program to satisfy the level of educational potential indicated

Life Skills Program for Developmentally Disabled / Multiple Exceptionality students
(ages 14 – 21)
Co-operative Education
- training for job placement and interpersonal skills development
Learning Strategies Course
- available to all exceptional students grades 9 through 12
- assists students with literacy, numeracy, time management and supervision of subjects
Withdrawal Support
- additional one on one support provided for students during class with the teacher’s permission
- withdrawal from class for tests and quizzes to allow for extra time and support
Gifted Program
- individualized development
Exam support
Locally Developed
Applied Program OSSD
Academic Program
Modified Program --> OSSC
- established with a community employer
Humber College
- Regular programs with accommodations provided for Learning Disabled students
- CICE for Developmentally Disabled students
George Brown College
- Vocational Programs suitable for essential level students
Seneca College
- Vocational Programs suitable for essential level students


Centennial College
- LBS (Literacy Basic Skills)
- Small Engine Repair
- Hospitality Services
- Math and Computer skills upgrading