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​          Business and Computer Science


The following courses are available:


Grade 9 Business Courses

BTT101 Computer Technology Applications


Grade 10 Business Courses

BBI201 Introduction to Business 

ICS201 Computer Programming (Computer Science) 

Grade 11

Business Courses

BAF3M1  Accounting

ICS 3U1 and ICS3C1 Computer Programming (Computer Science) 

BMI3C Marketing

BDI3C Entrepreneurship 


Grade 12

Business Courses

CIA4U1 Economics 

BAT4M Grade 12 Accounting

BOH4M1 Management Leadership

BBB4M1 International Business 

ICS 4U1 and ICS4C1Computer Programming (Computer Science) 

BDV4C1 Entrepreneurship

IDC4U1 Sports & Entertainment Marketing

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