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This is a specialized Physical Education FOCUS COURSE offered at the grade 9 and grade 11 level. The core of the curriculum will be delivered through the 4 stick sports of: Ice Hockey, Ball Hockey, Golf and Lacrosse. The focus of this course will be on SKILL development of these cross-over stick sports. Along with the development of skills, students will be introduced to an intense fitness program that will enhance performance and overall fitness levels of each athlete. The program will consist of a health component that will cover all material that is required by the Ministry of Education guidelines mandatory for the grade level.


Students will be on the ice 3 times a week at Albion ArenaThis program will consist on the development of the following fundamental skills:


Forward/Backward stride edge work, crossovers, stops, starts and acceleration


Proper techniques of all types shots; wrist, snap, backhand, and slap


Proper technique of giving and receiving a pass


Proper techniques of puck control



This program will reinforce some of the fundamental skills of Ice Hockey, while allowing for cross-training and conditioning.



This program will focus on the individual skills of proper strokes, grip, putting, chipping, full swing, stance and course etiquette, etc.



This program will focus on the fundamental skills such as cradling, scooping, passing and shooting and serve as a good conditioning tool for all of the other stick sports


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