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What is AP?
An advanced Plancement course offers university level content to sudents at the secondary school level.  Students wil write Advanced Placement Exams in Grade 12.

What are the benefits of AP?
  • Enrichment
    To prepare students for Advanced Placement exams in Grade 12, students can enroll in Enriched Level courses from Grades 9-11.  Students in Enriched / AP courses study topics in greater depth, enhancing their intellectual development.

  • Challenge
     AP provides enrichement opportunities for students to realize their full potential

  • University Preperation
    Students are exposed to university level content and expectations in Grade 12 AP courses.  This allows students to feel more confident and comfortable with post-secondary material.

  • University Acceleration
​     Students may achieve advanced academic standing or earn equivalent credits at participating universities in Canada or internationally, according to the mandatory requirements of each individual university. 

  • International Recognition
    Post-secondary institutions in more than 30 countries recognize AP in their admissions process (including 90% of North American Colleges and Universities). 

For more information on what courses are offered in the AP Program​, visit the attached link.