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Extended French and International Languages

Welcome to the International Corner here at Monsignor Percy Johnson!  Bienvenu au coin internatinal ici a Monsignor Percy Johnson!

Wea are the Modersn Department and we have a lot of fun while learning how to communicate proficiently in different languages.

We offer Extended French.  This Series of 7 courceses taught in French will guarantee a high level of proficiency in the language.  Our students get to experience French dinning here in our own Classy Toronto as well as in La Belle Paris!  Bon appetitmes amis!

Our Italian courses provide an opportunity to learn the Italian language and also be immeresed into the culture.  We fly to the eternal city of Rome every chance we get!  Our students can have a gelato by the Spanish Steps and recall Audery Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday.  Ahhh... La Bocca della verita... Che Bello!

Hola!  Spanish classes are also offered and we say to our students pull out the maps and let's figure out where to go next.  Barcelona, Madrid, Granada or Sevilla...  We learn to speak Spanish and experience it!