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The Enriched/Advanced Placement (AP) Program at Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School provides enriched programming in English and Mathematics. This program suits the needs of highly motivated students that are committed to learning and further enriching their education. 

Beginning in Grade 9, students in the AP program will be provided with enrichment opportunities in their program's subject area as well as learn the required skill sets to be successful in taking AP Exam(s) in Grade 12.  AP Exams can offer students advanced placement or credits at Universities in Canada and around the world. 

Currently we offer courses preparing students for the following AP Exams:

  • Calculus AB 

  • English Literature and Composition

If a student has interest in other subject areas, they may work with a teacher to help them prepare for additional AP Exams. 



Are you a Grade 8 student interested in MPJ's Advanced Placement/Enriched Program? Applications for September 2022 will open in January 2022.

Please fill out the Google Form at this link to indicate your interest in the program

(we will remind respondents​ when the application becomes available)