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MPJ Graduation Awards and Recognitions​​

The following awards and recognitions are given to the graduates on their Graduation Evening Celebration:

1.  Honour Roll Certificate ​

     These certificates are given to those students in grade 12 who have achieved an overall average of 80% or      higher, with no mark below 65%, and having earned a minimum of three credits per semester.

2.  Honour Society Certificate ​

     These certificates are given to those students who have maintained an overall average of 80% or above         in each of their years in high school with no mark below 65%, and maintain their full time status as a           student of MPJ.

3.  Ontario Scholar Certificate​

     These certificates issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education, are given to those students who have            achieved an overall average of 80% or above in six Grade 12 University, University/College, College,          Workplace or Open Level courses and will receive an Ontario  Scholar Diploma.

4.  The Catholic School Parent Council Award​

      This award is presented to a graduating student who has persevered and overcome personal challenges        in order to succeed. 

5.  University of Toronto National Book Award​

     The University of Toronto National Book Award recipients are students who demonstrate superior                 academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional achievement. They excel in                 academic pursuits, demonstrate enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and have a strong involvement         in the lives of their schools and communities.  The nominee must be a Canadian citizen, permanent               resident or protected person, intending to begin university study in September.

6.  School Spirit Award​

     This award is presented by Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School to the graduating               student who best exhibits school spirit through involvement in extra-curricular activities and                         community leadership.

 7.  The Heart Award​

       This award is presented to a student who has excelled in the Learning Strategies course. This student            has grown spiritually and emotionally and has developed initiative, self-reliance, a sense of maturity            and a better understanding of self and others.

8.   The Jacor Marketing Award​

      This award is given to the student who best exemplifies student equality by taking measures to prevent          bullying and promote inclusion within the student body.

9.  Catholic Student Award​

     This award is presented by Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School to a student who has         made an outstanding contribution to building Christian community in the school.

10.  Salesian Spirit Award​

       The Salesian Spirit Award is offered by the Salesian community of Toronto to a graduating student              from Monsignor Percy Johnson C.S.S. who throughout their high school career exemplified Gospel              values lived in the spirit of St. John Bosco: a life centred on Jesus Christ, living in communion with the        Church, at the service of their peers and those most in need, in Christian joy and optimism.