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MPJ Graduation Scholarships​​

The following scholarships are given to graduating students from Monsignor Percy Johnson C.S.S.

1.  Advocates for Etobicoke Youth Bursary​​

This award is presented to a graduating student who has achieved academic success, has been an influential role model and has made positive contributions to the school community. This award supplements a student’s tuition at a post-secondary institution.


2.  The Joe Brady Athletic Leadership Award​

This award is presented to a graduating student-athlete who has maintained a minimum 70% average, participated in varsity athletics and demonstrated leadership in athletics while at Monsignor Percy Johnson. This award is donated by the Athletic Council.


3.  T.S.U. Graduating Student Award​

This award is presented to a graduating student with a strong sense of social responsibility, moral values and a desire to achieve social justice through their participation in school or community-based activities. They have managed to maintain a minimum 70% average in their graduating year.  This $award is donated by the Toronto Secondary Unit.


4.  Anthony Melatti Memorial Scholarship​

Anthony Melatti lived and breathed with the philosophy that life was defined by learning and education.  At the age of 65, he received a Shopsmith Multipurpose Woodworking machine for his retirement.  Never having worked with wood before, Anthony converted his garage into his personal workshop, expanding his collection of tools and equipment.  For the next twenty years, he learned the artisan aspect of wood and built furniture and much more for his children and grandchildren.  The Anthony Melatti Memorial Scholarship recognizes a graduating student who took at least one senior Construction Technology Course.  This student not only appreciated the various woods that they were working with but also respected the various tools of the trade. The recipient has been able to build one or more pieces that surpassed all course expectations.  The scholarship is sponsored by Alexandria Zanette and Umberto Melatti.


5.  Joseph Martino Award​

This award is donated by Mr. Joseph Martino our current trustee. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has made an outstanding contribution to the school and community, and is  registered in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.


6.  McCarthy Award of Recognition​

The McCarthy Award of Recognition is funded by The McCarthy Family, owners of McCarthy Uniforms.  This award is presented to a graduating student who exemplifies the virtues of perseverance, resilience and hard work in all endeavors.  The recipient shows leadership and academic excellence striving to be and do the best possible at all times.  The selected individual represents these core values which are shared by the MPJ community and the McCarthy Family.

7.  Christa Gampp Artist of Tomorrow​

This  award, a legacy donation by Ms. Gampp, will be given to a student who demonstrates creativity and passion for the visual arts.  The recipient has been a dedicated member of the Johnson Art Club and shows great promise in his/her artistic developments.


8.  Lucy Connolly Endowment for the Sciences Scholarship​

Established in loving memory of Mrs. Connolly, a former Science Teacher and Department Head of Science at Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School. The award provides financial support and encouragement to graduating students who are focused on a science program at Monsignor Percy Johnson and have enrolled in a science-based post-secondary program.


9.  Dr. Meivys Garcia Erdeljan Award for Academic Excellence​

This award is presented by Dr. Meivys Garcia Erdeljan, a former alumna, to the top academic student in the commencement class along with a cheque of  going towards their post-secondary endeavours.


10.  Charles Allan Social Science Award​

This award has been generously donated by Mr. Tim Allan, who is retired after teaching at Monsignor Percy Johnson with great dedication for 27 years. It is presented to a graduating student who has excelled in the study of Social Sciences.


11.  Scholar of Linguistic and Cultural Studies​

This scholarship is donated by one of our moderns teachers, Josie Bagnato, and is awarded to a student who exemplifies the extension of cultural ties in a world that becomes increasingly diverse each day. This student is a pillar of communication, displaying an ability to formulate thoughts in many languages, and, in doing so, is part of the frontier of students that connect our nation to others.  This award is granted to a student who has, with exceptional ability, learned and developed 2 or more languages offered in the Moderns and International Languages Department.


12.  The Lieutenant Governor Award​

This award is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated exemplary community contribution or outstanding achievement through volunteer activity.  The recipient receives a financial award, a commemorative pin and a certificate from the Province of Ontario.


13.  The John Ware Award of Excellence​

This award, in honor of our founding Principal, is presented to a student or students for outstanding contributions to school life while maintaining academic excellence of 75% or above.  This  award, donated by the Student Council, and will supplement a student’s post-secondary endeavours.


14.  The Governor General’s Medal and Academic Award​

The Governor General’s Medal, awarded by the Province of Ontario, was established in 1873. It recognizes a student who has achieved the highest academic average in all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses. The recipient will also receives an amount that will support their academic and donated  by the Dr.Meiyvs Garcia-Erdeljan trust.