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Johnson Leadership Team (JLT)

The Johnson Leadership Team (JLT) prides itself on fostering a school environment of inclusivity, acceptance and school spirit! The purpose of this leadership group is to develop the skills and strategies of students in grades 10-12 so that they may become caring and competent leaders of society. There is a strong emphasis on giving back to the community and embodying the teaching of "hands to serve, hearts to love". These students work on their cooperative, interpersonal and leadership skills on a regular basis and put them into practice by organizing a variety of events for the school throughout the year which include:

  • Grade Nine Orientation @ Camp White Pine
  • Winter/Spring tradition of delivering care packages to the homeless and needy of downtown Toronto
  • TCDSB Leadership Weekend @ Camp Olympia 
If you like organizing events for a large group or just have enthusiasm for making your school a better place through leadership, JLT is the group for you! Please speak to Ms. Andrighetti, Ms. Collure or Ms. Peechatt if you would like some more information. 

Camp White Pine:

Camp White Pine is where our annual Grade Nine Orientation is held. Senior students from JLT (Johnson Leadership Team) organize this three-day, two-night experience to help our incoming grade nines develop connections with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime! The orientation looks to create a warm and accepting environment for our grade nines so they feel welcomed and accepted into the MPJ community. We believe going up north removes students from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day lives and situates them in a natural environment where they can focus on making personal connections with staff and students so they feel more comfortable as they transition into high school. Activities range from mountain biking, high ropes, low ropes and the ever so-popular Giant Swing!