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Principal`s Message

Welcome to Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School’s website. We are a school that is focussed on promoting Gospel values, human solidarity and common good. As a collaborative community of learning, Nativity thrives to create a safe and healthy learning environment that sets a high standard for student success. Students are instructed in a curriculum that is rooted in Gospel values and informed by the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations. Our school has developed a student appreciation program that recognizes the accomplishments (i.e., academic, social) and positive characteristics of students throughout the school. Many volunteers work in the school (i.e., parent and church community) as classroom helpers and Rosary Program leaders. Specific school events such as our annual French Café have assisted us in enhancing student learning, achievement, participation, and celebration of the arts and French culture.

Our goal to foster faith and character development in our students has contributed to our maintenance of and nurturing of our local Catholic community. School initiatives based on safe and healthy schools, Virtues of the Month, ministries of Word, Worship and Witness, our annual Advent Mass, monthly masses, and the Student of the Month program have helped students grow in grace and knowledge and to lead lives of faith and hope.  Our commitment to social justice initiatives through ME to WE and our Student Leadership Committee are helping our students engage in outreach initiatives and develop their sense of justice and charity. Also, CSAC led and supported initiatives, such as the purchase of netbooks, Smart Boards, and LCD projectors allow our staff to employ a variety of instructional strategies and provide our students with equal access to learning and technology.

Two-way communication between home and school is of vital importance to us. We are always just a phone call away; please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.