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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Construction of Child Care Centre

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Office of the Director of Education

January 30, 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Toronto Catholic District School Board is pleased to inform you that the Province has just confirmed funding for the construction of a child care centre at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School.  The facility will include spaces for up to 10 infants, up to 30 toddlers and up to 48 preschool children. 
Once we have further details, we will share the information with you.
The Province of Ontario is transforming the way we look at early education.  At the TCDSB, we recognize the benefits of early learning which give children a stronger start in school and life. We also value child care within our schools as a support to our communities and families.
Ontario’s goal, through the Ministry of Education, is to build a child care system that is high quality, seamless and accessible for all children and families.  The Province is modernizing child care through a multi-year plan to enhance programs and supports for children from the ages of 0 -12.  Part of this plan includes capital funding to build new child care centres to expand the number of spaces across Ontario.
Where possible, services will be located in or linked with schools to enhance seamlessness for children and families. 
Child care in Ontario is supported by provincial, municipal and federal government funding, as well as parent fees. 
TCDSB will plan and collaborate with local Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs); in our case, The City of Toronto, Children’s Services.
See link below for further information regarding, “Modernizing Child Care in Ontario”(Discussion Paper).
We look forward to future conversations about child care at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School.
      Angela Gauthier
      Director of Education
      Toronto Catholic District School Board
cc. Douglas Yack, Superintendent of Education
      Ann Andrachuk, Trustee