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Below is a list of athletics many of our students are engaged in throughout the year.
Soccer: Normally, the soccer season takes place in May/June. Both girls’ and boys’ teams compete in the inter-school tournaments. These teams are open to students from Grades Five to Eight.
Intermediate and Junior Volleyball: The Intermediate School Volleyball Teams begin tryouts and practices in early October and participates in tournaments in October/November. The Junior School Volleyball Team begins tryouts and practices in early March. Again, both the girls’ team and the boys’ team compete in the inter-school tournaments. These teams are open to students from grades 4 to 8. 
Basketball: Basketball teams operate in exactly the same manner as the volleyball teams. These teams are open to Grade Six, Seven, and Eight students as well. The basketball season is usually December/January/February.

Cross Country: This is one of the largest teams in the school. This team is open to students from age 8. Both girls and boys participate on this team. Typically, our school will field a team of approximately 70 competitors for the initial divisional meet. Runners who qualify do return for a second regional meet. Qualifiers from Meet Two then continue to the City Championships. Beginning in 2012-13 the Cross- Country season will take place in September/October.  Practices are usually held, weather permitting, outdoors. It is imperative that all interested students attend all practices appropriately dressed to run.  

Track & Field: This team is very similar to the Cross Country team in composition. This team is open to students again from age 8.The format for this team’s competition is similar to Cross Country. The season for Track and Field is usually in May/June.
Ice Hockey: The hockey team is open to boys and girls from grades 6 to 8. The hockey season begins with tryouts in early December and end with divisional and regional tournaments in mid-March at York University. Practices are held throughout the season at Centennial Arena.
House-Leagues: Primary Soccer Houseleagues are held during the lunch hour. There are no tryouts for these teams. All interested students are able to sign up. The students are then put on a team to compete against other teams in the school. These activities are much more relaxed than the formal teams. The intramurals run through several weeks. All games are held in our own school gym.