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Nativity Dress Code

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School Dress Code complies with the TCDSB Appropriate Dress Code Policy.

Acceptable Dress Code

Navy Blue Bottoms
Pants, cords, walking shorts  
Sweat pants for primary grades ONLY
Navy skorts, skirts, jumpers/tunic dress (navy or white tights, leggings or stockings to be worn ONLY with skirts, skorts and jumper/tunic dress)
White or Navy Tops
Turtle neck sweaters, t-shirts, dress shirts/blouses, golf shirts & sweatshirts
Over garments such as sweaters, sweat-shirts, “hoodies” and vests must be navy blue or white with no graphics, messages or slogans.

Unacceptable Dress Code

Jeans, jean dresses/skirts, jean shorts, short-shorts, bicycle shorts, tops with spaghetti straps
Muscle shirts, leggings, jeggings or yoga pants (of any type)
Any shirts with logos or slogans unless it is a school crest
Any type of halter or belly top-midriff should be covered
Athletic shorts for the classroom (they may be worn for physical education only)

Dress Code in TCDSB Schools

All Elementary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt an Appropriate Dress Code or Uniform Dress Code.
All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.  Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.