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Below are a list of websites that can assist students with research and homework.
Nelson Mathematics resource site for Gr 3-8 students. The site offers additional resources for daily lessons and concept attainment.
Bill Bear offer a variety of fun learning activities for primary students.
Catholic Online is a useful Catholic online source for information on Saints, Angels, the Liturgical Calendar, prayers, daily meditations and Gospel readings. It is has an expansive Catholic image gallery.
Toronto Public Library
A+ Math allows students to practice and improve their math skills online.
A Houghton-Mifflin resource site providing K - 8 resources for both parents, teachers, and students. The site includes reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, activities, games and text support.
A site filled with many educational arcade-style games.
An excellent source of information for numerous art movements. It also allows viewers to browse through 125,000 pieces of art.
This site offers links and resources that support the Ontario Curriculum Expectations.
This site offers junior and intermediate students resources to conduct research.
This site is designed around "Think and Learn" modules which make students aware of the thinking skills they need to use while they are learning.
This site contains mathematical videos and mini lessons, which reinforce mathematical concepts.