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French Cafe
 French Cafe - Mimes
Mimes, Cirque du Soleil acrobats, decadent croissants, and “Celine Dion” singing, “la vie est belle” were just some of the highlights at Nativity of Our Lord’s French Café on Thursday, May 5th. Café Nativité was truly a “celebration of the spirit” through the Arts and the Core French / Extended French program at Nativity during Catholic Education Week.
The school community enjoyed French culture and entertainment both in the day and in the evening. To the delight of many, students were dressed up as French painters, pastry chefs, and Parisian citizens. A variety of performances, including Cirque du Soleil acrobats, French Can Can dancers, French-Canadian Folk dancers, and Marcel Marceau mime impressionists provided the audience with a taste of French cultuFrench Cafe - Entertainmentre. More importantly, Café Nativité provided our school community with the unique opportunity to come together to celebrate a culture that is important to Canada. Students in grades 3 to 8 showcased their talents in French, drama, music, and visual arts.
At first, the students were nervous to use their French language skills in such a public setting, but over the course of the evening they learned they were more proficient than they had thought. Many even observed that “more people can speak French than [they] thought,” and "enjoyed learning about all-things French!" Not only did the school community feel like they were spending an evening in Paris, but staff, parents, and students were excited to see how the life-giving Spirit of God and His graciousness are very much alive at Nativity of Our Lord! Très bien tout le monde!

French Cafe - Chefs2
French Cafe - Chefs1