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Welcome to Nativity of Our Lord’s Eco Team Page!
Nativity’s Eco Team consists of two class representatives from grade 3-8 who essentially run the club! There is a teacher representative from each division that is helping students make Nativity a greener place! Our weekly meetings generally are on Mondays at lunch. Our goal this year is to be re-certified as a GOLD school for all of our eco-initiatives and friendly ways!
Initiatves for January-February:
1. Bottle Free Tuesdays- Please bring in reusable water bottles to school to help cut down the amount of plastic we bring to school! One of our goals is to reduce the amount of disposables we bring to school.
2. WASTE FREE Thursdays- No garbage allowed! Please pack and bring any food or drink  in reusable containers! All garbage cans will be turned over to reduce garbage intake! Recyclables are permitted.
3. G.O.O.S (pronounced “Goose”). Good On One Side paper! All classrooms have received their G.O.O.S logos! We encourage classes to find an eco friendly container where they can place paper that is “good on one side” to reuse instead of recycling it right away!
4. Plastic bottle cap drive- Did you know that the one part of the water bottle that is NOT recyclable is the cap? As a school we are collecting the caps to use them in the primary and pre-primary divisions! We still would like you to use reusable water bottles as much as possible!!!
We have A LOT of other initiatives and fun things planned for the year!
Please follow our Eco-Team's "green" path at and on twitter @NoolEcoTeam for eco-facts tweeted each school day!