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​Technological Education Course Offerings 

Architectural & Structural Engineering Design
Grade 12, College/University Preparation- (TDA4M)

Communication Technology-Audio

Grade 11, College /University Preparation (TGR3M1)


Communication Technology-Video

Grade 11 & Grade 12, College /University Preparation (TGV3M1 - TGV4M1)
Computer Engineering Technology-Systems and Hardware
Grade 10, Open, TEJ201
Computer Engineering Technology-Systems and Hardware
Grade 11 & 12, College/University Preparation (TEJ3M1 - TEJ4M1)
Construction Engineering Technology
Grade11, College Preparation (TCJ3C) 
Custom Woodworking
Grade 11 & 12 Workplace Preparation (TWJ3E1 - TWJ4E1)
Exploring Technologies
Grade 9, Open (TIJ101)
Print& Graphic Communications-Yearbook: Communications Technology
Grade 11, College/University Preparation (TGG3M1)
Robotics & Control System Design
Grade 11, College/University Preparation (TDR3M)
Technological Design
Grade 10, Open (TDJ2O)


Technological Design
Grade 11 & 12, College/University Preparation (TDJ3M1 -  TDJ4M1)