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Neil McNeil Uniform 



Wearing the Neil uniform is an expectation of all Neil students. The neat appearance of students contributes to the positive atmosphere in the school community in addition to its overall safety and security. Ministry of Education regulations and TCDSB policies require each school community to develop a Uniform Policy which the Principal, Vice Principal, Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) and staff are expected, by Board of Trustees to enforce strictly. Our school policy conforms to the "Code of Dress" guidelines of the TCDSB. Minor violations related to the school uniform will be recorded. Continued violations will result in consequences including detention and community service. Students are expected to wear the Neil McNeil uniform properly, exhibiting pride, neatness and good grooming.  Adherence to the uniform guidelines will be determined by the Administration and school staff.


Civvies Days

Civvies Days are held throughout the year and organized by the Student Council. A small fee is collected from each student with the money going to support Student Council endeavors. Students are expected to dress appropriately and in good taste.  


Compulsory School Uniform

Neil McNeil uniforms must be purchased from McCarthy's directly.


 School Uniform

Please note that all uniform clothing pieces must be purchased from McCarthy. No part of the uniform can be altered or changed. Please see reverse side for signatures.



·       McCarthy grey pant

Top - Summer


·         NM short sleeve polo shirt - white

Top – Winter

·         Long Sleeve Dress Shirt – White

·         NM Tie

·         NM Burgundy Vest


 Top - Winter (Optional)


·       NM ¾ zip fleecy sweater – burgundy (available for purchase through the Neil McNeil Spirit Wear Store)

(long sleeve white shirt & tie to be worn under sweater)





·       Solid black shoes

·       No colour, pattern or insignia

·       Low cut below the ankle

·       No moccasins, slippers, or sandals


·         The uniform must be worn appropriately and with dignity.

·         Students are expected to arrive and leave school in full uniform.

·         The uniform must be worn all day in all areas of the school.

·         The uniform is mandatory during field trips

·         Substitution of Neil McNeil athletic clothing for Neil McNeil school uniform is not allowed

·         Parents will be contacted if students do not respect the uniform policies


We thank parents/guardians for their support of the uniform policy

For more information or other store locations visit