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Neil McNeil Uniform 



Wearing the Neil uniform is an obligation and an expectation of all Neil students.  Ministry of Education regulations and TCDSB policies require each school community to develop a Uniform Policy which the Principal, Vice Principal, Catholic School Advisory Council and staff are expected, by Board of Trustees to enforce strictly.  Students are expected to wear the Neil McNeil uniform properly, exhibiting pride, neatness and good grooming.  Adherence to the uniform guidelines will be determined by the Administration and school staff.


Consequences for Non-compliance

If the student is not in uniform, parents will be contacted and the student will be sent home to obtain their proper uniform item(s) and then return to school.  In an extreme situation, the Administration will provide a note for the student. 


Dress-Down Days

On these days, in addition to complying with the guidelines above, students are expected to dress appropriately and in good taste.  In the event of a discrepancy, the Principal will determine what is appropriate.


Compulsory School Uniform

Neil McNeil uniforms must be purchased from McCarthy's directly.


Ø  Uniforms associated with athletics or other co-curricular clubs are not part of the school uniform and cannot be worn during the school day.

Ø  Absolutely NO modifications to the uniform are permitted.  NO over-size golf shirts will be permitted.  NO coloured, designed or imprinted undershirts/T-shirts are permitted. 

Ø  Students must wear their uniforms to and from school and are expected to remain in uniform all day.  Arriving out of uniform and changing into the school uniform at school is not permitted.

Ø  Headwear of any kind is not permitted in the school.

Ø  Extreme or excessive:  hair styles, hair colour, make-up or jewelry, are not permitted.

Ø  NO adornments/additions to the uniform are permitted.

Ø  In extenuating circumstances, when a student is unable to be in uniform he must proceed to the Main Office before period one begins to obtain a uniform pass on the day.  In these situations students are still expected to be appropriately dressed – no jeans or tee shirts.

Ø  Footwear must be black leather dress shoes.  No moccasins, flip-flops or casual shoes will be accepted.

Ø  Black belts only.​