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For Parents


Ministry of Education Regulations state that “all students shall attend classes regularly and punctually.”  Class participation forms an integral part of all courses.  In order for students to be successful and realize their academic potential, regular attendance and punctuality are not only expected, but required by statute.  Responsibility for attendance and punctuality rests with the students and their parents.

Students Over 18 years of age

Please note that once your son turns 18 guidance will contact your son with a letter regarding continued communication from the school.

The School Day

Neil is a semestered school with a four period day.  The building will be open to the students from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  Students should not be in the building outside of these times unless they are participating in a school sanctioned activity under the direct supervision of a teacher.  


If a student will be absent or late a parent/guardian should telephone the school in the morning before 8:15 am.  Please leave a message at: (416) 393-5502, ext. ‘2’ In your message please indicate: the identity of the caller, the student’s name, the reason for absence/lateness, and a phone number where verification can be obtained if necessary. 

Upon returning to the school, a note, signed by the parent or guardian to verify the absence must be presented to the attendance secretary before Period 1, to obtain an Absence Verification.  A student will not be admitted to class without an admit slip from the Office.


A student who is absent from school during the day for any reason will NOT be permitted to participate in any after-school, evening or co-curricular activity.  The situation must be discussed with a member of the Administration.  The principal has the right to refuse student participation in any school/or extra-curricular activity.


Punctuality and Late-to-Class

Ø  Students are expected to be on time and prepared for each period.  Tardiness is not only detrimental to the progress of the student who is late but equally important is the disruption of the class and the disrespect shown to the teacher and students in the classroom.

Ø  Students are considered late for class if when the bell rings, they are not in class, in complete uniform, with all the required books and materials.

Ø  A student who arrives late to school in the morning must obtain a Late Slip from the Attendance Secretary.

Ø  A student who is habitually late without good reason or parental notification may be detained in the office.

Ø  Classroom teachers will track all student lates (accumulated on a per period basis).

A Guideline for Consequences for accumulated, unjustified lates are:

1 – 4:                     Excused with notation on Attendance Record

5+:                          Detention (parents contacted)                 

10                           Suspension, 1 Day, Habitual Neglect of Duty

Chronic:               Social Work, Catholic Children’s Aid or Alternative Education Referral



Leaving School Property

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range and variety of extra-curricular activities during the school day. Students must sign out at all times when leaving school property during the day.  Students who request the sign out privilege during the scheduled classes require parental permission to leave school.

Those students eighteen years of age or older are able to sign out without parental consent. 


Written Notes

Any forging of a parental signature will be treated as a very serious matter and may result in a suspension.


Signing Out

A student wishing to be dismissed early from school MUST obtain a sign-out slip prior to leaving the building.  The student must provide a dated note, signed by a parent/guardian, stating the reason and the time of the sign-out, to the Attendance Secretary before the beginning of Period 1. 

Sign-out slips should be retained by the student until the next day to show those teachers whose classes were missed because of the sign-out. Students under the age of 18 cannot be released from the school for any reason without parental permission. 

Please try to avoid scheduling routine doctor/dentist appointments or personal business during the school day.


Truancy – ‘Skipping Class

All students are required to attend EVERY class listed on their timetables, as well as all events, functions and activities deemed to be parts of the curriculum by the school (assemblies, liturgies, retreats, etc.)  Failure to do so is considered a serious breach of school regulations and is dealt with in the same manner as an unjustified absence or skipping class. (i.e. conference with parent or guardian, possible detention and/or possible suspension).