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​                        SCHOLARSHIPS


Scholarship opportunities are posted regularly inside the Guidance Office. They are also shared through the Guidance Google Classroom.

See below for some common recurring scholarship opportunities and visit University and College websites for school-specific scholarship criteria and deadlines. Some universities will consider you automatically for scholarships while others require an application. Most universities and colleges also have bursaries in addition to entrance scholarships and they require an application.​

Scholarship Registries/Search websites:

Register on these websites to explore the thousands of dollars available. Enter your experience profile and get ‘matched’ with relevant scholarship opportunities.

Tips for preparing scholarship applications

Start creating a personal statement summarizing your achievements and experience. Right click to download our tip sheet here:




Loran Scholar Program – $100,000 over 4 years, $5,000 Finalist and $2,000 Provincial awards recognizing students of strong character who demonstrate integrity, courage, grit and personal autonomy. Minimum 85% overall average. Deadline is mid-October each year.

Horatio Alger Foundation Scholarship –up to $10,000 awarded to students with financial need (family income under $65,000) who have demonstrated integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity, a commitment to pursue a post-secondary education, a desire to contribute to society, and a good academic record (65% average) Deadline is October 25th each year 

University of Toronto National Scholarship Program recognizes students who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and strong involvement in the lives of their schools and communities. The scholarship covers tuition for 4 years at U of T. Finalists are eligible for $7,500 in first year and $1,500 for each of the remaining 3 years. Deadline is early November.

TD Canada Trust Community Leader Scholarship - up to $70,000 for college or university for students who demonstrate community leadership and have a minimum overall grade average of 75% in their most recently completed school year. Deadline is mid-November each year.

Queen’s Major Admission Awards (including Chancellor’s Scholarships valued $36,000 over 4 years) For students who demonstrate superior academic ability (90% + average), creative and original thinking, involvement in school or community activities, and proven leadership. Requires school nomination. See your Guidance Counsellor. You must submit your university application on by Nov. 15th and the scholarship application deadline is December 1st.

University of Guelph President’s and Chancellor’s Scholarships Every year 12 of Canada's best and brightest future leaders are awarded one of Guelph's top scholarships! Worth $42,000 each, the following scholarships recognize academic excellence and leadership. Students must have a minimum 90% average to apply. Deadline is end of January.

Schulich Leader Scholarships are the largest and most prestigious undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) scholarships in Canada, with a value of up to $100,000 each. Fifty students receive this celebrated award each year. Student must demonstrate 2 of 3 criteria: academic excellence, leadership, and financial need. Our school can elect ONE nominee. See your Guidance Counsellor for nomination. Deadline is February 1st.


Terry Fox Humanitarian Award – valued at $28,000, this prestigious award recognizes students who demonstrate the ideals of Terry Fox; who demonstrate tenacity in the face of adversity, are compassionate and altruistic in their intention to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Deadline is February 1st.

Western University National Scholarship Program awards from $1,000 up to $65, 000 to the “best and brightest” on the basis of outstanding academic performance (90% +), ability for creative and innovative thought, exceptional leadership in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics as well as a commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school and community life. Requires school nomination. Deadline is February 14th.

Investing in Our Diversity Scholarships – Up to $4,000 for youth with financial need demonstrating involvement in leadership, community safety, anti-racism or diversity initiatives. Deadline is February/March each year.

Merit Award Bursary Program – awards ranging from $500 - $2,500 to inspire, recognize and reward students. Applicants must demonstrate dedication to schoolwork, should demonstrate a high level of commitment to extracurricular school activities and volunteerism. Personal challenges and obstacles faced by the applicant, including financial circumstances, will be given significant consideration. Deadline is early April each year.

Paul Harris Scholarship (Rotary Club Scarborough) $2,500 scholarship for students demonstrating consistent leadership and excellence (academic, amateur sport, volunteer activity) over and above prescribed requirements. Applications available online in January, due in early April each year.

Angel Foundation for Learning (TCDSB) – 7 bursaries available, each with different criteria and award amounts. Deadline is early May each year.