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Intentionally working together to achieve student success 


Big Brother Program 

Big Brother Program is a mentorship program that encompasses the Developmental Assets philosophy. This philosophy defines 40 attributes or characteristics that enable students to succeed at many levels from academics to personal growth to positive risk taking. Once developmental assets are defined the time is taken with all grade 9 students to teach them about their own developmental assets and provide opportunities to build upon them. The Big Brother program intentionally supports the Asset philosophy by linking grade 9 and grade 11 students together. 

Students will learn the definitions of the developmental assets and assess their own assets in order to set personal goals. 

Muskoka Woods Camp 

This 3-day event pairs grade 9 students with senior Big Brothers to develop a nurturing collaborative environment where students feel safe to learn. It enables a sharing of Neil McNeil traditions and history as well as many teambuilding opportunities. This is the flagship event of the Big Brother Program. 

All grade 9 students will be paired with a Big Brother and are expected to participate fully in the team building activities at Muskoka Woods. 

Young Spiritans 

The Young Spiritans are a group of students who, under the guidance of several teachers, participate in community based Faith-in-Action initiatives within the GTA. This includes OUT OF THE COLD and Street Patrol as well as volunteering in homeless shelters. 

Students will volunteer to work with the marginalized in the GTA.


The Catholic Leadership Group (CLG) 

CLG is a partnership between Neil McNeil and Notre Dame High Schools that focuses on facilitating Advent and Confirmation retreats for elementary aged students in our local feeder schools. 

CLG provides students the opportunity to grow in skills such as public speaking, drama, small group mentoring, and event facilitation. CLG leaders receive workshops and mini-retreats in their formation process. Most importantly is the CLG motto, which is: "Be led by Christ to lead like Christ". Our focus is on students being nourished as Catholic Leaders who in turn can support others through faith and fellowship. CLG meets most Fridays after school from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.


Specialty High Skills Major (SHSM) 

SHSM is a pathway of courses a student can take to receive an OSSD with the Red Seal Distinction. SHSM pathways currently exist in two areas: Health and Wellness and Non Profit Sector. Students must take certain courses and complete a co-operative education program in the field. It includes industry- recognized participation in various career exploration activities. 

Students will complete all aspects of the program as mandated by the Ministry. 

Freshman Forty (OSCA -Exemplary Practice TCDSB Award) 

Students are encouraged to get their 40 hours of community service in their Grade 9 year. Their achievements are celebrated in a year-end breakfast awards ceremony. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to serve as volunteers in the school and the communities. 

All students in grade 9 will complete their required 40 community service hours by June. 

Men on Fire (Exemplary Practice TCDSB Award of Distinction) 

This program connects students to local elementary schools for leadership workshops that culminate in a street patrol where students distribute sandwiches to homeless people in downtown Toronto. 

Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and work in their community supporting those in need. 

Peer Tutoring – Award Exemplary Practice 

Any grade 9 student achieving less than 60% in any course by mid-term in the first semester is expected to participate in lunch time tutoring led by an appointed student leader. Development of organizational and time management skills is a part of the program. Daily attendance is taken. 

Any grade 9 student “at risk” of failing a course is placed in lunchtime tutoring for the balance of the semester. 

Leadership Program 

Students in Grade 11 who take the GPP (Leadership) course will learn the basic characteristics of great leaders, including the responsibility of completing 50 hours of service within the school community. They will also tutor grade 9 students who are at risk of failing. 

Students at Neil will be provided with many opportunities both within the curriculum and as part of the co-curricular programs to complete leadership opportunities. This may take many forms and is integral in the formation of young men who will serve and lead in the Spiritan tradition


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