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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Admissions and Registration

Secondary School Admission Process for Incoming TCDSB Grade 9 Students:

In early November, Catholic Secondary School Application Forms will be sent to all TCDSB elementary schools for Grade 8 students to apply for Grade 9 placements within the Toronto Catholic District School Board beginning September. All completed application forms are then returned by the Grade 8 teachers to the Admissions & Placement Department by November 5th 2018. The cutoff date for TCDSB/ Public and all Private school grade 8 high school applications are due by Friday, December 21st 2018 to the Admissions &Placement Department at the Catholic Education Centre. .

The criterion for placement is as follows:  

1. Notre Dame must be listed as your number one choice.
2. Closest traditional feeder school within proximity to the school.
3. The applicant has a sibling who will be returning in September.

Acceptance is based on the number of applicants and the demand for that year. There is no way to predict how many students will apply or be accepted on a yearly basis.

Parents are cautioned every year to make an informed choice by talking to their elementary school teacher/principal about their child's needs and are encouraged to attend the secondary school open house in their area. Once the reports have been sent out to the secondary schools with the list of applicants, changes will not be possible until March 2019, by which time the secondary schools have made their initial selection and changes might not be possible due to space limitations.

The “no sooner” date this year is January 28, 2019. This is the very first date that any secondary school can notify students of their acceptance for Grade 9 in September.  When the student receives his/her acceptance package from the secondary school, he/she is asked to complete an Option Sheet, in consultation with the Grade 8 teacher and then attend the Registration Evening on February 21st, 2019, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
If the student is NOT accepted due to OVERSUBSCRIPTION, the redirection process begins, with every student being offered an alternative placement at the closest secondary school that still has available space. 


Students who apply to a secondary school out of their area are giving up their right of acceptance to their local secondary school.  By the time they receive confirmation from their school of choice, their local secondary school might already be filled. The student will not gain automatic acceptance to their area school.

Secondary School Admission Process for Incoming TCDSB Students:

Any TCDSB student who is considering Notre Dame for September is asked to visit their current High School Guidance department to complete a transfer form.  The current high school will then forward the appropriate documents to Notre Dame and the vice principal responsible for admissions may contact the student to come in for an interview.

Secondary School Admission Process for Non-TCDSB Students:

The following steps are to be taken for a child applying for a TCDSB secondary school:

All non TCDSB can obtain a Secondary School Waiting List Application from the TCDSB website. The application includes detailson how to complete and submit the application form.


  • The cut-off date for applications is Friday, December 21st 2018.
  • Students who are considering Notre Dame High School are asked to forward their credit counselling summary, attendance profile and index card short to the vice principal that is responsible for admissions. The vice principal will then review your documents and if there is availability contact will be made with you to possibly arrange an interview time. At any time feel free to contact the school, 416 393 5501, to check on the status of your application.


Click here to be directed to the TCDSB Admissions and Registration page.

Transition to High School Summer School Program
Why not start your high school experience this summer earning a credit?  Notre Dame High School is offering HIF1O1 Exploring Family Studies, a summer school program for all incoming Grade 9 students who have been accepted to Notre Dame. 


This course explores the challenges faced by all people: how to meet basic needs, how to
relate to others, how to manage resources, and how to become responsible members of society. Students will acquire knowledge and skills that are needed to make the transition to adulthood.Teachers will instruct students in developing interpersonal, decision-making, and practical skills related to daily life. Students will explore the functioning of families and the diversities found among families and within society.

The four week program runs during the month of July.  Activities include opportunities to build essential math and literacy skills, foundations in leadership development, outdoor/recreational excursions as well as a variety of creative/artistic pursuits. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet new friends and become familiar with their new school. 

Program registration will take place on Thursday, February 21st 2019 at Notre Dame High School from 5 pm to 7 pm. The registration form will be included in the student registration package mailed home. The last day to register is TBA 2019.  For more information please contact the school.


A TCDSB summer school registration form will be included in the Notre Dame registration package for 2018-2019 that is available at notification of acceptance. The completed summer school registration form is to be returned at Grade 8 Registration on February 21st 2019 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.