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About Us

Notre Dame High School is a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions. We believe that all students can succeed. We educate young women to assume leadership in their families, the Church, and in the global community by providing:
• Continued spiritual development modeled on the Gospel values

• A safe, welcoming, learning environment

• The skills necessary for students to reach and exceed the provincial standards in   Literacy and Numeracy, develop the Learning Skills and 21st Century Competencies that will facilitate their success, and the Essential Learning Outcomes of each course

• A challenging program for gifted students and high achieving students

• A program for Special Education students that reaches and exceeds the goals outlines in their Individual Education Plans

• A curriculum that includes the effective use of technology

• A collaborative environment that encourages school, parent, family, parish, and community involvement

We envision students who will work to:


• Apply Christian values to life’s experiences

• Become respectful, caring Christian women

• Achieve academic excellence to the best of their potential

• Foster self-esteem and self-respect in pursuit of lifelong learning

• Demonstrate skills for developing and maintaining personal and family wellness

• Build safe, non-violent homes and communities

• Demonstrate global understanding and community responsibility
Leadership and Academic Excellence
Notre Dame believes in the success and leadership of every young woman. Religion is the main theme and teaching that is valued at Notre Dame. We value the gospel teachings, which help students have a better understanding of their relationship with God. We also help students achieve their academic potential. We help them reach their post-secondary destination by nurturing their talents and gifts. Students who have an IEP receive support throughout their experience at Notre Dame. Notre Dame also offers a gifted and Pre-AP/ AP program. Technology is integrated into the curriculum, and balances all subject areas, from math and science, to physical education and the arts. The support from guidance counselors, chaplaincy and student- teacher mentoring, help your child pursue their interests and future plans. Notre Dame offers comprehensive programs that will prepare students going to college, university or the work field.
The school’s EQAO preparation initiatives in Grade 10 Literacy and Grade 9 Numeracy have resulted in consistent  performance that has exceeded both the TCDSB and provincial scores. 
Co-curricular programs
Notre Dame offers many extra and co-curricular opportunities for students ranging from mathematics, art, Skills Canada, and essay-writing competitions and science fairs. There are many clubs for a wide variety of interests, as well as leadership initiatives and athletics. Notre dame has something for everyone!



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