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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education provides students with an alternate choice from learning in the classroom. There, Employees demonstrate what it takes to be involved in the workplace. It integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace by providing opportunities for students to refine, extend, apply and practice their classroom learning. This also allows our students the opportunity to develop essential skills, an awareness of where their talents and interests may take them and the ability to practice classroom learning in the workplace. Students will also experience work life and develop knowledge that will assist them in making sound educational and career decisions.

Why Take Co-Op?

  • Test-Drive A Career

    Do the job and get a chance to see if your career choice is really what
    you want before choosing your post-secondary destination.
  • Build Your Skills

    Work one-on-one with a placement supervisor in a program designed
    to meet your interests, needs and strengths.
  • Get Hands-On Work Experience

    Overcome the problem of “no job without experience and no
    experience without a job”. Put real work experience on your resume.
  • Earn credits towards your diploma
  • Confirm your post secondary career choice before you start Univeristy or College
  • Start your apprenticeship while still in high school
  • Begin your search for work that has meaning and dignity, contributes to the common good, and brings you fulfillment in life

Co-op Options include:

For more information, contact Mrs. Champion @ 416-393-5501, Voice Mail 82067