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What's New in the French Department

Activities and Memories...


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Elementary School Collaboration

 In early January students in Grade 11 French class took the stage! They wrote and performed short, interactive plays that they presented to students in grades 1, 2, and 3 at St. John Elementary School. Students at St. John`s brought in canned foods and dried goods as an "admission ticket" the performances. The collected goods were donated to the Out of the Cold shelter at Donlands and Danforth Ave. It was a rewarding experience for our students and highlighted for them our role as Catholics in helping the needy and sharing our God-given gifts in the community.

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Chef Suzanne Visits Notre Dame

This past November students in grade 9 Core French classes spent the day cooking up chocolate lava cakes with Chef Suzanne. Students practiced their French by collaborating while cooking up these delicious treats and sang along with traditional Acadian music in French. In this presentation of desserts and stories, students also learned about our patron saint, Sainte Marguerite Bourgeoys and her role in educating and empowering young women in Canada.


Students worked in teams cooking, dancing, singing, and they did it all in French. Hosting Chef Suzanne, le Chef à l’école, was a memorable experience at Notre Dame.
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Mask Theatre in French at Notre Dame

In early November grade 9 students watched and participated in an interactive play in French called Le Masque est le Message. Through this play students learned about the tradition of masks from the Italian commedia dell’arte tradition. In addition to viewing and trying on real masks, students also spoke about the symbolic masks we wear everyday at school and how the way we present ourselves impacts the people around us. By trying on masks students learned about body language and how to use body language to express emotions and attitudes. The presentation was enjoyed by all who participated.


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Le combat de scène à Notre Dame

In early December French-speaking actor Nicolas Van Burek came to Notre Dame and worked with students in grades 10 and 11 Core French on learning about theatrical staging and movement. Students participated in an interactive stage-combat workshop where they explored the technicalities of combat in the world of theatre. The workshop was engaging and students practiced asking questions and developing short scenes in French.
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