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Advanced Placement 
Notre Dame Students may take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. An Advanced Placement course is equivalent to a first-year university course, and successful students receive academic credit or advanced standing at participating universities in Canada, the United States, and overseas. Advanced Placement courses are administered by the American College Board. At Notre Dame, the AP program further enhances our strong tradition of academic excellence. AP courses allow students to study areas in greater depth and to expand their intellectual horizons. AP students challenge themselves and master university-level material while still in high school. The AP courses complement the University Preparation Courses.  
Visit AP Central™, the College Board’s official online destination for AP® teachers, coordinators, and education professionals, at The site offers unique tools and resources, and contains the most current exam and program information.  
AP Courses Available 
We are currently offering courses in Biology, French, History and English.
International Experiences
Each year students have the opportunity to participate in a school-endorsed March Break trip or Art-focused experience. In recent years, students have travelled to Italy, France, Greece, Spain, New York, Boston, Chicago and Costa Rica.These exciting international experiences enable our students to explore the history, culture, art, music and religion of different countries around the world. 
Gifted Program  
Programming for gifted students is specifically designed to provide gifted students with opportunities to interact and learn with other highly-motivated students. Our enrichment activities encourage gifted students to continue their exploration of concepts and culture outside of the regular classroom. Throughout the year, each student is invited to participate in various activities, and the student determines which activities she wishes to participate in according to her particular needs. School-led and board-wide activities include a mock United Nations assembly, conferences, symposiums, enrichment programs at universities, leadership activities and special exhibitions at art galleries, museums and theatres. The complex learning environment created by enriched courses and enrichment activities at Notre Dame nurtures intellectual growth and greater awareness of the world that surrounds us.
Special Education
Students with IEPs are very well-cared for in the Special Education Department.  At Notre Dame communication between parents and teachers is critical to the success of these students.  Students with IEPs are monitored by qualified Special Education teachers.  We have Educational Assistants who support students based on their specific, classroom needs.  The Special Education Department members are sensitive to the socio-emotional and academic needs of our students.

Our Special Education Resource Centre is always open to assist the students with their individual varying needs.  Students with an IEP are in Locally-Developed, Applied, or Academic courses.  We believe that communication between classroom teachers and Special Education teachers is key/critical to a student’s success.

The Learning Strategies course (GLE) is offered for credit in the Special Education Department.  It is a course designed to focus students specifically on learning strategies to help them become better and more independent learners through developing self-advocacy skills.  The course (GLE) focuses on learning strategies so that students can adapt these same strategies to their own, individual, learning needs.  In the GLE course, students can learn/explore their own, individual strengths and needs.