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School History And Tradition
Our Lady of Grace Catholic School was first established in temporary quarters in September 1974. The present facility, which was constructed in 1982, was officially opened and solemnly blessedpicture of Our Lady of Grace School on May 5, 1983. The school was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Grace. As mediatrix of all graces, Mary depends completely upon the merits of her son, Jesus, the Universal Mediator. Through her maternal charity, Mary cares for us as we journey on earth.
When first established, the school served the Catholic families in the Rosewood and Brimley Forest communities. At that time the school was part of St. Bartholomew's Parish. As housing development in the area progressed several new Catholic schools were built. In May 1983, Prince of Peace Parish was established to serve the area north of Finch Avenue.
Our Lady of Grace presently serves the Brimley Forest and Richmond Park communities. Transportation is provided for students living east of McCowan Road.