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On this page we will display educational concepts/resources to be aware of and many links to educational websites (Numeracy, Science, Literacy, and Technology) for you to surf and explore.  You can go to these sites and learn while having fun! Also, go to our " Videos of Interest" link to watch many interesting presentation on 21st Century learning and other topics of relevance.  Click on the title and it will take you there.


Supporting Parent Engagement in Literacy

Website for Kids

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Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day ‐



Storyline Online ‐



Audiobook Cloud is your online audio library ... Go online and listen to Classics, Fiction, Non-Fiction,  and Children stories ... a nice and easy site to navigate. Yes, it's free!


Television Tunes

Do you want to have some fun remembering the good old days ... well, do it with your kids.  Go to the website and hear all-time favourite theme songs (good quality not midi) and challenge your kids to figure them out.  You can also be challenged to figure the latest TV Tunes.


This website, Homework Help, is FREE for all to use and you know what? - It is easy and a useful tool for learning.  Visit the site by clicking the title above or the card below.

The SpellingCity website has:
•Over 42,000 words with customizable sentences and definitions ... have fun!!!


Play Kids Games ... Playing to Educate 

Play Kids Games provides free online kids games that are both fun and educational. Aimed at ages pre-K through grade 6, Play Kids Games offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun computer games. The games build skills in math, logic, memory, vocabulary, alphabet, spelling, geography, computer skills, color identification, shape identification and other various problem solving.
This website's commitment to parents, teachers, and kids, is to connect learning and skill building with a sense of challenge, fun, and self esteem. From the fun of "Alphabet Whack-a-Mole" to the skill building "Math Fact Practice", the hope is that will be a part of our future generation's ongoing experience and development.

Create vocabulary lists and math problems for pinball or word lists for word search. Your vocabulary lists will automatically show in Word Find as well. It is easy! Just create a login, add your class page detail, and create lists! Your lists will automatically show up in the games!


Storybird - Artful storytelling

Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards. They're curiously fun. You can embed them in a blog or wiki ... you can even make them into books (you pay for this feature). All in all, the website gives you tutorials on how to sign-up, setup a class, use the program, and produce good looking stories.


YouTube ... Fractured Fairytales

Choose a video and watch a classic fairytale warped into something different.  Use these as a jumping point to create your own "Fractured Fairytales"





Visit the site and have your reader listen to and interact with an online reading of a book ... Lots of classics, versions of well-known stories, and newly written stories to choose from.  Click on the title  above and go to the website ... have fun!



Starfall's Learn to Read

A great website ... started in 2002 as a free public service to motivate children to read using phonics (and phonemic awareness). This site is perfect for pre-school, JK, SK, grades 1, 2, and even English language development (ESL, ELL). It's easy enough for teachers or parents to get on the site and start to use it right away. Your kids will like it too. Shhh!! Don't tell them they're reading.


TumbleBooks and TumbleBookCloud

Click on each link above to go to the site ... enjoy the reading!

TumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. The collection includes Story Books, Life Learning, Puzzles & Games and Language Learning from children's book publishers such as Scholastic, Chronicle Books, Candlewick Press, Charlesbridge Press, Harcourt, Little Brown, Walker and Company and others.

TumbleBookCloud (formerly Tumblereadables) is an online collection of read-along titles, audiobooks, graphic novels, and videos for middle and high school students.  Ebooks feature adjustable online text and complete audio narration. Sentences are highlighted as they are being read and the pages turn automatically. The collection features chapter books, Young Adult/Teen Novels, high interest/low level books for both middle school and high school students, plus classics of American and English literature.
Read-Alongs are great for emergent, struggling, and reluctant readers, as well as being an excellent tool for ESL. They are also well received by strong and accomplished readers who are excited to follow along to the narration of their favorite books. Children, who are now growing up with e-mail, instant messaging, iPods, and text messaging are early and willing adopters to this innovative online reading experience.
 YouTube ... Cool School Stories





 Watch these neat little stories with some interaction involved.  Start with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and then you choose which story you want to get involved with ... fun and easy to get engaged in!


Literactive - Teaching Children to Read
Literactive is one of the leading providers of reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students available online. The program is comprised of carefully levelled guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental reading material which gradually develop a child's reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner. All the material is available for free from this site but you need to register. You can select activities focussing on ... PHONICS, GUIDED READING, READING SKILLS ACTIVITIES, E-POETRY, E-PICTURE BOOKS (independent reading), BLMs to download and even ESL (Spanish). Teachers can use the site in the classroom and even provide link to parents.

Fractured Fairytales Students enjoy reading well-known stories - but, with a twist!


Whether it's The Princess and the Rutabaga or Big Blue Riding Hood, invite your children to turn familiar fairy tales upside down and inside out—and to have fun. This interactive tool gives students a choice of three fairy tales to read. They are then guided to choose a variety of changes, which they use to compose a fractured fairy tale to print off and illustrate. Useful for teaching point of view, setting, plot, as well as fairy tale conventions such as they lived happily ever after, this tool encourages students to use their imaginations and the writing process at the same time. The various lessons use interactive involvement starting in Kindergarten and moving right up to Grade 8.


Visit this website and learn how to pray the Rosary, what it means, and learn the prayers.  This is an interactive Rosary.   Pray!!


The History of Technology

This is a very short and easy to follow progression of where we've come from using the lens of technology in the field of education. Click on the title link above.


Child Safety 

Colouring Sheets & Colouring Book Pages

This is a very nice website for parents and teachers ... it has plenty of information and downloadable/copiable handouts and booklets broaching the topic of child safety and abuse prevention programs.  Easy to read and discuss with a child. Easy for all caregivers to use.

Math Snacks ... You'll Never Go Hungry

Smart and yummy educational animations, mini–games, and interactive tools that help mid-school learners better understand math concepts. This website is absolutely amazing - even the oldest students will enjoy the bits and bites this site gives.     A truly fantastic site to watch, play, print out, write, and play some more. I can't say enough about this site. So, if you and your students have the appetite to dive for a deeper understanding of math, your classroom could be ready for a math snack. Learn more about the awesome development team behind Math Snacks and visit the download page for all that is available - FREE. Make sure you check out those great accompanying resources found in the PDF files for students and teachers. Most appropriate for Grades 5 and up. Bon appetit!


 CC Prose ... Watch, Read, and Listen

CC Prose is dedicated to making classic literature accessible to people around the world. By combining high quality audio, large print text, synchronized closed captions, and machine translations in multiple languages; they provide something for everyone.
Learning to read? What better way than to follow along with an expert?
Learning English? They include English audio and text in all the videos, but also provide subtitles in over 50 languages (these are machine translations, so they are not perfect, but they can be just the ticket for trying to follow along).
Vision impaired? The large, High Definition (HD) text based video should be just what you need. Hard of Hearing? They've got you covered with text embedded on the video and in subtitles.  Just enjoy audiobooks? Well, they have you covered there, too, on your Android phone, your iPad, your tablet, your computer, or other web-enabled device.  Check out the Video Books on this site or visit The CCProse YouTube Channel
And do I need to say it? - Okay, it's all FREE

Bloom's Taxonomy (Revised for the 21st Century) 



    The Literacy Centre ... Early Childhood Stuff

     A collection of early reading games  
  (interactive/web based) for early literacy   
  development (K-1).   Very easy to use  
  and have success in your learning. 

Children's Storybooks Online

Here are more ebooks and online reading ... More books, more fun, more learning (shhh, don't say this too loud). Some books you just read by yourself while others have accompanying audio. Fabulous for primary kids and the young at heart.

Using Websites ... FREE to learn with!

FUNBRAIN ... is just that, Fun for your brain! And these "games" are not just for the little kids. This site includes fun engaging activities that even an eighth grader would like ... okay, I even had some fun on this site! Funbrain offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy. As an added attraction, kids can read a variety of popular books and comics on the site, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Amelia Writes Again. There's even a link for downloadable games to take with you (i.e., camping) where there is no internet to speak of ... educational? - Yes ... fun?- You bet!
This is a fantastic website to use.  It just keeps getting better and better all the time.  You can make amazing things happen to plain old pictures.
Check it out and keep an eye on the time as you will be doing this stuff for hours and before you know it, it's tomorrow.



Classroom Ideas for Learning with the iPad (Read or Download)    


Videolicious is a super easy app to use with your ipod or smart phone ... make neat videos in 3 easy steps ... great little projects for students when away on class trips, sports outings, or on family vacations. Check it out - click the title or picture and go to the site and download the app ... FREE!







Teachers, Students, and Parents of Students in District School boards - The Ontario Educational Resource Bank is password protected. Contact your local school board for information about using these resources.  You may search for the resources by grade, subject/course, strand, overall expectations, and/or keywords.

Teachers and parents can access literally thousands of activities, videos, clips, and other links to more activities.  The site is password protected and passwords are available via the AICT Dept. of TCDSB.



Great place for teachers to start ... Comics and literacy ... means have fun and learn. Engage your students/children to go beyond what YOU see.
Make comics and share with friends and family! 
Show them HOW and they'll show you WHAT. Click on the icon to go on! Ask Mr. Masciarelli for the username and password for the DELUXE Version [FREE] download it and use it - no strings attached, just creative fun and learning!


PSA: Toronto Police ... Teaching Kids about 9-1-1 

This link is from the Toronto Police ... we encourage schools to encourage parents to watch the video link and teach their children how to call 9-1-1. This is part of a current awareness campaign of not only how to use 9-1-1, but also proper use of the system. Please, encourage all to watch.
From our KLP staff comes this great site for everyone to use. Ask your child to see his/her teacher for the username and password.  Then, enjoy!

Photostory ... Easier to use and better than PowerPoint

Photostory is presentation software made by Microsoft ... it is readily available to download FREE over the internet.  You make really nice presentations (.wmv) to watch on your computer or over the internet.  Easy enough for Grade 1 kids to use and adults too!