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                   Athletics  2013-2014

September 24,  Boys' Flag Football

September 26,  Girls' Flag Football

October 17,       Divisional Cross Country

October 23,       Regional Cross Country

October 29,       City Cross Country

November 13,    Divisional Intermediate Boys' Volleyball

November 14,    Divisional Intermediate Girls' Volleyball 

November  19,    Regional Boys' Volleyball

November  21,    Regional Girls' Volleyball

TBD                   Swim to Survive Gr. 4

Feb. 10,              Intermediate Boys' Basketball

Feb. 12,              Intermediate Girls' Basketball

Mar. 18,               Boys' Primary Soccer

Mar. 20,              Girls' Primary Soccer

Apr.  23,              Boys' Junior Volleyball

Apr. 24,               Girls' Junior Volleyball

May 12,               Divisional Track and Field

May 29,               Boys' Intermediate Soccer

May 30,               Girls' Intermediate Soccer

Jun. 5,                 Boys' & Girls' Soccer