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About us

Mission Statement

In our mission of creating a safe and welcoming learning environment, all students are encouraged to take risks, learn and respect self and others.  Our motto is Live, Love, and Learn.  We celebrate diversity and uniqueness and encourage everyone to achieve their full potential in mind, body and spirit through a well balanced program rooted in Gospel Values.  Administrative procedures and classroom practices at our Lady of Guadalupe are built around this notion.  An extensive variety of materials, management of curriculum, professional activities and support services are set up to achieve this aim.  Classroom teachers draw on special training and on their own resources and talents to bring this together for each student.  To ensure safety at all times, the staff and students practice various emergency procedures such as Fire Drills, and Lockdowns throughout the year.  Exterior doors to the school are always locked and all visitors are required to sign in at the office.  Currently a video display system hooked up to the administration computers is installed at the front door of the school.   Thus, we have security 24 hours a day as the video is hooked up to Security at the Catholic Education Centre (CEC) 80 Sheppard Avenue East.   Parents of students with allergies, or who require medication are encouraged to notify the office to ensure the safety of the student while at school.