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About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs Of Our Students

Early Learning Program

Our Lady of Guadalupe was selected in the first phase of the Early Learning Program.  We have two full classes.  One of these classes is comprised of Junior Kindergarten students while the other is comprised of Senior Kindergarten students.  The purpose of the program is to establish a strong foundation in the early years that will give four- and five year-olds in Toronto Catholic schools a stronger start on their learning. It will help improve their reading, writing and math skills, provide a smoother transition to Grade 1 and help increase their success in school and beyond.  Full-day learning will give our children the tools they need to succeed.

Faith and Character Development and The Modeling the Virtues Awards
The Modeling the Virtues Awards (MTV) is focused on helping students, teachers and parents build positive attitudes, life skills and character.  Each month, a key virtue is introduced, defined and modelled at a school assembly.  The MTV Awards (Modeling The Virtues) Program is designed to follow the TCDSB’s Faith and Character Development Monthly Themes.  Classes will have an opportunity to host the awards and introduce a new virtue in a format where students can display their talents through song, drama, stories and various media forms.  After the virtue is introduced, students will have a clear understanding of what it means to model the virtue.  Each month, nominated students are recognized for demonstrating the virtue in their interactions with peers.  Winners of the award have their picture displayed and take home a certificate honouring their achievement.


On Thursday, December 6th , 2007, at the TCDSB event, Faith and Character Development:  A TCDSB Celebration, held at the Metro Convention Centre, students, parents, clergy and staff gathered as one “…community of Faith, anchored in Hope with love in Charity.”  The following Faith and Development Themes were chosen by the 1200 participants at the event:



September                   Hospitality

October                       Gratitude

November                   Peacemaking

December                    Charity

January                        Courage  

February                      Love  

March                          Forgiveness

April                            Justice

May                             Compassion

June                             Faithfulness