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School History And Tradition

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Catholic SchoolOur Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School, located at Don Mills Road and Seneca Hill Drive in North York, offers a full curriculum of Catholic education to Roman Catholic students from Junior Kindergarten (age 4) to grade 8.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School is one of three Catholic elementary schools within the St. Timothy Catholic Church Parish. 

Opened in September 1971, the school was officially blessed on April 30th, 1972 and dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and Protectress of the unborn. The vision of Mary, the Mother of Jesus appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 at Guadalupe, Mexico, requesting that Juan Diego ask the Bishop to have a church built in Guadalupe.  The Bishop refused Juan Diego’s request two times.  On Mary’s third appearance to Juan, she presented him with roses to be delivered to the Bishop as a sign.  Since it was the middle of winter, the roses were a miracle.  When Juan knelt before the Bishop for a third time, he threw the roses on the floor and the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on Juan’s cloak.  Immediately, the Bishop approved the building of the shrine on the spot where all the appearances occurred.  Today, within the shrine at Guadalupe, along with the roses, is Juan’s cloak with the image of Mary on it. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School was built as an open concept school and has since undergone renovation to build individual classrooms.  Our Junior Kindergarten room has access to a separate play area for the Junior Kindergarten students.  The single gymnasium has large separate change rooms for boys and girls and also has a kitchen.  In addition, the gymnasium  has a dual purpose as an auditorium with a full stage.   Furthermore, our gymnasium is used as a congregated lunch room facility for all the students from grades 1-8.  The library on the second floor also serves as a computer lab.