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Curriculum initiatives ensure learning expectations which take into account the varied learning styles of our students.  The programme changes, develops and adapts based upon the needs of the students within each classroom.  Our teachers are committed to the belief that every student has a right to learn and provide and document modifications and accommodations to the programme in the Individual Education Plan (IEP).  In order to ensure improvement and better results teachers attend professional development workshops that focus on broadening their range of skills, practices and activities. Teachers regularly share information about these in-services.
French is a mandatory subject for all students in grades one to eight.  The interests of our students are accommodated through extra-curricular activities in sports, the arts, technology, enrichment and computer literacy.  All students in grades one to six receive Vocal Music on a weekly basis and students in grades seven and eight receive Instrumental Music.  More specialized programs include the ESL and Full Day Kindergarten.   Our students participate in various sports teams – Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field.  Our choir and Instrumental band are often showcased at different music festivals.