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Social Justice
Social Justice Picture
Our Lady of Lourdes School, has advocated tirelessly for children around the world.  The committee is comprised of staff and students.  The central goal of the committee is the pursuit of equality, justice and respect for marginalized children world wide – hence the slogan: ‘Children Helping Children.’  The hope is to encourage our committee members to become lifelong champions for children at risk, both locally and globally. Through active participation, our members have the opportunity to help children affected by war, natural disasters, famine and poverty to rebuild positive, healthy and respectful lives.

Academic Clubs

At Our Lady of Lourdes, students have the opportunity to participate on the W5H trivia team. The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) hosts separate tournaments for junior and intermediate divisions.  Students on the W5H team enjoy giving their brains a mental workout in a fast paced, somewhat tense, but always fun forum.  This is one more way that the students of Our Lady of Lourdes are able to develop confidence, school spirit, and a friendly sense of competition.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Chess Club and Chess Team. The TCDSB hosts both individual chess competition and a “Chess Team” competition.  All TCDSB Regional tournaments are held at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Competition is open to all students from grades 1 through 8.

Students who have a sense of good sports behaviour as well as a good memory, and who enjoy developing their problem solving skills in a fun way are excellent candidates for this academic challenge provided at Our Lady of Lourdes.   Like the W5H, the Chess Club/Team is another way that the students of Our Lady of Lourdes are able to develop confidence, a healthy sense of competition and school spirit.

For the linguists among our primary children, there is the French Club.  Here the children learn songs and poems in French which they recite and sing over the PA system, at school assemblies and at school concerts.
Character Development

Social skills and character development are essential components of a well rounded education.  Through regular in class activities and discussions, primary students learn the importance of their social and emotional well-being and how it will assist them in becoming responsible and caring members of society. Topics include self-esteem, anger management, anti-bullying, personal safety and respect for self and others. Students are encouraged to consider their values and beliefs and respect those of others, while developing their own self-worth as part of a diverse society.
P.A.L.S. (Playground Activity Leaders in Schools)P.A.L.S. (Playground Activity Leaders in Schools) is a playground leadership program offered by Toronto Public Health in collaboration with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The objectives of the P.A.L.S program are to increase physical activity, decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of bullying, all the while providing leadership opportunity for students.   Students in grade 5 who volunteer are trained in communication, problem-solving, organization and cooperation to act as activity leaders for younger student who form part of a team to plan and lead fun activities for primary students in the gym during morning recess. 

Peer Mediation Training is offered to grade 6 students who are interested in acting as “mediators” for younger students in the playground during recess. The objective of the Peer Mediation program is to promote the use of peaceful conflict resolution strategies.
Empowered Student Partnerships (E.S.P) is a leadership program offered to intermediate students in grades 7 and 8 in partnership with Toronto Police Services Board. Students prepare and distribute a student safety survey at the beginning of each year. The results of the survey are tallied and the top three safety concerns form the basis of an action plan that the committee creates to address these concerns.

Peace signIn partnership with Leave Out Violence (L.O.V.E.), a youth violence prevention organization, students in grades 7 and 8 may also participate in weekly meetings for approximately 10 weeks. Through discussions and activities, which incorporate  various forms of media; such as writing, photography and video, students are encouraged to raise awareness about youth violence and make youth part of the solution. 

Our school is on track to join an elite group of schools which have been certified ‘eco’ schools by the province.  “Ontario Eco-Schools” can achieve a bronze, silver or gold ranking by reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, ‘greening’ the school with native plants and trees, and integrating an awareness of the environment into everyday learning. 
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