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School Handbook
OLP Code of Conduct
The Toronto Catholic District School Board Mission Statement
"The Toronto Catholic District School Board, delegated by parents and mandated by the Catholic community is sent to service all the students to its care by providing them with an education, excellence in all its aspects in which God, His Truth, His Life and His Love are intrinsic to the entire curricular and life of the school."
TCDSB Core Curriculum
In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our Mission is to educate students to their full potential by providing: leadership in the shared responsibility for education that exists among the school, the student, the family, the parish and the community a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of Christian community role models of Gospel values and Catholic doctrines, teachings and beliefs guidance in what students need to learn instruction in the learning process itself religious, academic and technological (technical) instruction integration of Catholic Christian beliefs into the total learning experience feedback on students' proficiency and performance (progress).
Vision of Our Schools
We envision students who:
  • are formed in the Catholic faith
  • apply Christian values to life's opportunities, challenges and choices
  • pursue academic excellence
  • demonstrate relevant knowledge and ability
  • display self-esteem and self-respect
  • strive to be the best they can be
  • demonstrate skills for developing and maintaining personal and family wellness
  • demonstrate global perspective and community responsibility
  • Vision of TCDSB
  • is Christ-centred
  • is student-focused
  • demonstrates a clear sense of purpose
  • is visibly and demonstrably Catholic
  • reflects empowering leadership
  • supplies collaborative decision-making
  • is innovative
  • provides role models among all stakeholders for all these qualities
The Sharing of Responsibility
A Responsibility of the Principal
It is the duty of a principal of a school, in addition to the principal's duties as a teacher:
  • to maintain proper order and discipline in the school
  • to develop co-operation and co-ordination of effort among the members of the staff of the school
  • subject to an appeal to the board, to refuse to admit to the school or classroom, a person whose presence in the school or classroom would in the principal's judgement be detrimental to the physical or mental well-being of the pupils. Education Act, July 1992, Sect. 265 (a), (b), (m)

Responsibility of the Teachers

It is the duty of a teacher and a temporary teacher:
  • to teach diligently and faithfully the classes or subjects assigned to the teacher by the principal
  • to encourage the pupils in the pursuit of learning
  • to inculcate by precept respect for religion and the principles of Judaeo-Christian morality and the highest regard for truth, justice, loyalty, love of country, humanity, benevolence, sobriety, industry, frugality, purity, temperance and all other virtues
  • to assist in developing co-operation and co-ordination of effort among the members of the staff and school
  • to maintain, under the direction of the principal, proper order and discipline in the teacher's classroom and while on duty in the school and on the school ground Education Act, July 1992, Sect. 264 (a), (b), (d), (e)
Teachers and support staff at Our Lady of Peace have a responsibility to create and maintain a welcoming environment that is conducive to Christian growth and learning. The dignity and rights of all students are to be preserved and respected as participating members of a Catholic community.

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians
  • for the regular and punctual attendance of their children at school
  • for explaining to the school authorities any absences or lates out of the ordinary for keeping the school informed of those conditions of health or welfare which affect their child's involvement in school and its curriculum
  • for sharing with the school in the exercise of the discipline control and direction of their children while in school, on their way to and from school, and while engaged in school-related activities
  • for co-operating with the education program of the school by ensuring that their children have properly scheduled times for homework and an appropriate location in which to conduct their private study
Developing a Positive School Environment, OECTA 1994
Responsibility of Students
In order to grow and develop to full potential each student is responsible for showing respect towards everyone in a manner that reflects the teachings of the Bible. Full effort and co-operation at all times will ensure effective learning.
A pupil shall:
  • be diligent in attempting to master such studies as are part of the program in which the pupil is enrolled
  • exercise self-discipline
  • accept such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent attend classes punctually and regularly
  • be courteous to fellow pupils and obedient and courteous to teachers be clean in person and habit
  • take such tests and examinations as are required by or under the Act or as may be directed by the Minister of Education
  • show respect for school property Education Act, Regulation 298
Student discipline lies in the development of the Christian dimension and self-discipline of each child. Our Lady of Peace's code of behaviour was established to encourage our children to grow and develop spiritually, academically, and socially. The co-operation of home, school and church will ensure progressive growth towards these goals.
  • To display a positive attitude towards the school.
  • To respect the dignity and rights of all people.
  • To behave appropriately during all school programs, on and off the school premises.
  • To use appropriate language in and around the school buildings
  • To attend school regularly and punctually.
  • To abide by the general rules of school and classroom decorum.
  • To seek and to accept extra help from teachers when required.
  • To treat all school property and equipment with care.
  • To dress appropriately both for school and the activities planned for the day (i.e. gym, liturgies, excursions).
  • To respect community members and their property while coming to or leaving from school and while on school-sponsored excursions.
Failure to meet the outlined expectations may result in a variety of consequences depending upon the individual student and the nature of the issue. Each incident will be dealt with by the staff at Our Lady of Peace in a fair and consistent manner. In the event of undesirable behaviour by a pupil the following disciplinary measures may be applied:
  • An appropriate detention or loss of privileges
  • Telephone calls or letters home
  • Think paper
  • Discipline report
  • Request for parent interviews
  • Involvement of guidance counsellor
  • Involvement of social worker
  • Persistent and habitual or very serious offences may result in suspension
  • Breaches of discipline will be dealt with by individual teachers. The Principal will deal with students whose behaviour is of a serious nature. We appreciate the co-operation of parents in disciplinary matters.
Visitors to the School
A The Toronto Catholic District School Board encourages visits to the schools operated by the Board from those with a statutory right to visit, and from those whose presence will be of benefit to the pupils.
The Toronto Catholic District School Board discourages visits to its schools and school sites from those who, by conduct, life-style or attitude, demonstrate or promote a philosophy, tenet, practice or teaching that is incompatible with:
  • the denominational philosophy, tenets, practices or teaching of Catholicism
  • honour and respect for the Queen and country
  • the mission statement, objectives or policies of the Board
  • the effective operation of the schools
  • the physical or mental well-being of the pupils or staff
  • Report to the Office
Upon arrival at the school, all visitors are required to report to the office, thus giving the principal the opportunity to meet and welcome them.
Our Lady of Peace is committed to standards of neatness, cleanliness and modesty. We take pride in our students' neat appearance and uniforms should be worn at all times. Our school colours are blue pants/skirts with white T-shirts/white golf shirt. The following restrictions on clothing apply to all students, staff and volunteers:
  • all T-shirts and knapsacks etc. will meet TCDSB standards on racial and gender equity.
  • at no time (particularly in the hot weather) will there be short shorts, mid-riff baring tops, tank tops, sleeveless shirts or excessively sagging pants.
  • excessive make-up is not permitted.
  • individuals wearing inappropriate clothing at school will be expected to change.
Safety and respect for all children is as important on the bus as at school. In addition, the bus driver must be able to concentrate on driving the bus to ensure that our children reach their destination safely.
The following rules have been set up to help ensure the safety of our children.
  • walk to the bus stop, and wait until told to get on
  • walk to your seat on the bus, without pushing or shoving
  • sit on the seat and keep your feet beneath the seat
  • talk quietly without shouting
  • eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted
  • Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the following manner:

First Notification: Discussion with the principal.
Second Notification: Discussion with the principal, and notification will be sent to the parents.
Third Notification: Suspension of bus privileges for minimum of two weeks.
Smoking tobacco has serious consequences for one's health. At Our Lady of Peace School, we are committed to providing a smoke-free environment for the students and employees. Consequently, smoking anywhere at Our Lady of Peace School or on the school property is strictly prohibited.
Abuse of alcohol and drugs can have serious consequences, for the individual abusing these substances and for the people who must interact with this person on school grounds. Illegal drugs and alcohol are prohibited on the school property. Individuals possessing these will be suspended.
Students are expected to remain in the supervised play areas at all times. Permission is required from the supervising teacher to leave the school property to retrieve any misdirected balls.
Out of bound areas include:
parking lot
in the school at recess (without permission)
on or near the street
The following activities are not allowed in the playground:
tackle football
British Bulldog
throwing of snowballs
The following objects are not allowed in the playground:
footballs (only nerf ones allowed)
roller blades
hockey sticks
hard balls
baseball bats (without permission)
The following activities are never allowed:
foul language
obscene remarks
racial remarks
sexist remarks

Sometimes students take advantage of other students because they are bigger or older. This is called "bullying". Harassment is defined as any unwelcome comment or conduct that intimidates, humiliates or offends an individual. We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and value and feel safe in the school. Verbal or physical bullying, sarcasm, harassment or other demeaning or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated