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School History And Tradition
Our Lady of Peace Catholic School is a parish school. In 1951, the war and its aftermath were still uppermost in people's minds and when Father Percy H. Johnson was asked by His Eminence to take charge of the new parish it was at this point that the name was changed from St. Albert the Great to Our Lady of Peace.
The school and church were designed by architect James Haffa and in September 1953 Our Lady of Peace School was formally opened. The original school had 10 rooms and a gymnasium, but with the continued growth of the community four additional rooms were added in 1965. A third addition was added in 1968 consisting of the present gymnasium and one room. This expansion allowed the old gym to be converted into a library.
During the early 1970's the population remained constant, but in the latter part of the decade and in the early 1980's there began a decline in the school population, Declining enrollment during the 80's left the classrooms available for the introduction of the early French immersion program. In 1984 the first class was in operation.
During the 1990's the school began to grow far more rapidly than expected. Much of the growth is due to young families returning to the area. Students enrolled in our school have parents and grandparents who are former school graduates. 
The school has maintained its strong ties with the parish church and the community at large.