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Toronto Catholic District School Board


 Kiss a fish

1/8/2017 4:25 PMNo presence informationWarren, Tanja (O L of Peace)




Rumour Has Is…….Ms. Figliomeni will KISS A FISH!!


 As you know, OLP’s CSPC  is once again running the Curriculum Enhancement Initiative Campaign!! This is Parent Council's main fundraising initiative.


With your support and generosity, we hope to raise $15,000.


Any donation amount is truly appreciated but we ask that you kindly consider a donation of $60 (single student) or $100 family donation (2+ students).


Please go online to to donate or send your donation into the school!


** Early Bird Draws!!!**

Donate before November 15th and your child’s name will be entered into a Draw for 1 of 10 Cineplex movie passes (incl. movie, drink & snack)

……and it’s true…..if we reach our goal of $15,000

Ms. Figliomeni is going to KISS A FISH!!

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We’re making progress on our new playground!

In 2015, the OLP Catholic School Parent Council established the Playground Project Committee- a large committee, with several subcommittees, fully dedicated to delivering a new, amazing, and safe play space for our children. Working in conjunction with school administration and the TCDSB, and with the support of the OLP community, this committee will continue to drive the design, fundraising requirements, and delivery of a revitalized playground for our school.

Students, staff, parents and our neighbours have all shared their great ideas and suggestions on what the new playground should look like; and thanks to the incredible support of our community, the OLP Playground Project Committee was able to raise over $20,000 to kick off our fundraising! As you may recall, these funds were specifically needed to hire a landscape artist required to design official plans for our playground.

We are excited to be kicking off our 2016/7 fundraising and volunteer activity. The Committee will have an information booth set up in the main foyer during Parent Teacher interviews on November 17th and 18th. Please come visit us for the latest information on our 2016/7 initiatives including fundraising and volunteer opportunities!

A project of this size requires the support of our entire OLP community. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with the Committee at



Math in everyday life!

It is important to help children recognize that everyone uses math all the time. Here are tips to help your child have a positive attitude about mathematics:


·         Make learning math a positive experience. Don’t talk negatively about math to your child—it can lead to “math anxiety” (a proven cause of low achievement).


·         Schedule math homework at the same time in a quiet location every day. Be available during this period to talk with your child. Create a math homework toolkit with pencils, erasers, ruler, protractor, graph paper, counters (beads or beans) and a calculator.


·         When helping with homework, follow the method being taught. Don’t teach short cuts that could confuse your child. Do not say, “Let me show you my way – it’s simpler and faster.”


·         Be relaxed and positive. You are not expected to be an expert. You are there to encourage learning.


Ask your child’s teacher for strategies to use at home that reflect your child’s learning style. If your child asks for help and you do not know the answer, be honest and say, “I don’t know, but let’s figure it out together.” If you continue to be unsuccessful, you can also ask your child’s teacher for help. This gives your child permission to ask for help as well.
This edition of “Math Tips for Parents” was written by Lynda Colgan, Associate Professor and Director, Queen’s Community Outreach Centre, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University​​​