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Academics: For both Junior and Intermediate students, our school is (W5H) very actively involved in a general knowledge competition with other schools. This activity is referred to as the W5H competition. Tryouts for these teams occur in early January for the Junior students (Gr. 4, 5, 6) and in February for Gr. 7&8 students. These competitions are fast-paced general knowledge challenges. Buzzer boards are used as students compete against other schools.
The season for Junior W5H is January/February while the season for Intermediate students is February/March/April.
Chess Club:The school library has become very busy during the lunch hours at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School - more that 50 junior and intermediate students have joined the Chess Club this year! Students meet informally in the library at lunch, have fun, and play chess together.The intent of Chess Club is to introduce new players to the wonderful game of chess, and to provide more advanced players a place to practice and play with friends. A Chess Ladder has been created and is updated weekly to keep track of games played and won. Through playing chess, students improve their logic, reasoning and problem solving skills, memory and concentration and good sportsmanship - and have fun too!  All students from grades 4 to 8 are welcome to join anytime
Chess Notes - For those interested, there are some very good websites with information for the beginning chess player. The Chess Federation of Canada at has a downloadable booklet under its 'Resources' section, outlining all the basic rules of the game.
Math Club- This club meets in the library during lunch hour at Our Lady of Sorrows beginning in January for 6 weeks.  More than 70 primary, junior and intermediate students gather together to improve their understanding of mathematical concepts. 
Forest of Reading Book Club- For those juniour and intermediate students interested, book club takes place in the Our Lady of Sorrow library begining in January and ending in April.  Students read 5 books of their choice from the nominated titles of the Forest of Reading Programme.  Juniour students can choose from Silver Birch fiction or non-fiction as well as Silver Birch Express.  Intermediate students choose from Red Maple fiction or non-fiction .