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In our efforts to provide students with opportunities to develop in multiple disciplines, we are very happy to be involved in activities which extend beyond the confines of the classroom. To that end, we actively engage students in two areas of activity which are most commonly referred to as extracurricular activity and intramural activity. The main difference between the two types of activities is that extracurricular activities frequently involve interaction and/or competition with other schools. Intramural activities essentially involve interaction/competition within our own school. Extracurricular activities frequently involve student commitments for extended periods of practice prior to the activity whereas intramural activities require commitment to the event but there is no extensive practice leading up to the particular event.

Both extracurricular and intramural activities focus on developing student skills in working together as a team and on developing a sense of discipline and commitment.

Both activities require a sense of playing within the specified rules or expectations.

Both activities are strictly optional activities which are provided to enhance student experiences.


Within the field of extracurriculars, many (but not all) of the activities are athletically-based. As well, many of the extracurriculars are designed for students in Grade Six, Seven, and Eight. However, there are some exceptions there as well. Extracurriculars are available for both female and male students. In the ensuing information, an outline of the various extracurricular activities will be provided. In each area, an indication will be made as to the age groups for which the activity is designed.

Extracurricular activities are organized by staff members who volunteer their time to coach the various activities. For each activity, coaches identify expectations to the students prior to the beginning of the activity. In all extracurricular athletic activities, there is a series of tryouts for the team. Once a team has been selected, the coach(es) will provide the team members with both expectations and with a schedule for practices and games. All coaches involved in extracurriculars do meet with school administration to verify basic expectations for players. It is a clear school expectation that students who participate in extracurriculars must be able to maintain a standard of performance within the classroom in order to participate on a school team. As a member of a school team, every player is made very aware of the responsibility she/he has as a representative of our school community. Inappropriate behaviour or attitudes could result in the immediate removal of the player from the team. Review of the offensive behaviours would be conducted by the coach and the administration of the school and with the parents of the affected student.

Clarification of any of the expectations regarding extracurriculars is always possible by contacting the school office or by contacting the coach directly.